Other names of Goundamani: Subramani Karuppaiya
Birthday: 25-05-1939
Age: 80
Star sign: Gemini
It is difficult to make one laugh and in this regard the comedians should be appreciated. Here, then, Goundamani is one such actor, who never fails to tickle your humour bones through his comedy. His onscreen presence with Senthil is outstanding and they made the perfect comic duo.

Born in 25th May 1939 Goundamani ‘s real name is Subramani. His strong base in theater helped him in entering the Tamil film industry. Though Goundamani has played the male lead in certain films, he rose to fame only with his comic roles. Goundamani and Senthil were fondly called as the “Laurel and Hardy of Tamil Cinema”. This duo has worked on slapstick humour to a commendable level. Now, after a long absence from the films, Goundamani is all set to act in a couple of films. 

Though Goundamani and Senthil duo was much appreciated by a group of fans, the way he insulted Senthil received mixed response from others. If one gauges his dialogues they all are loaded with sarcasm and contempt. However, his perfect timing and body language worked in favor of him. 

Who will forget the “Vazhapazhum” joke, which he did with Senthil. The sarcasm and the final helplessness of Goundamani won many a hearts. It is to be noted that, Goundamani has performed in the lead role in around 10 films. He has paired with Tamil Biggies including Rajinikanth, Kamalhaasan, Satyaraj, Karthik, Prabhu, Arjun, Parthiban etc. In fact, in movies like Ullathai Alli Tha and Unakkaga Ellam Unakkaga, he has been seen in most of the scenes along with the lead actor. 

Goundamani was at the peak of his career during the 90s and most of the Tamil films had his presence. He has done more than 250 films. Now, he is all set to make his second innings in Tamil cinema. Let’s wish this talented comedian all the best.
Cho Ramaswamy Tamil Actor

Cho Ramaswamy

The South Indian film industry has seen several combinations of famous actors and film personalities entering politics and then taking it up as their primary profession, using the glamour and fan following to good advantage in politics. Examples of MG Ramachandran; NT Rama Rao and Jayalalitha come to mind immediately. Cho Ramaswamy is,however, in a different class of his own, showing extended versatility by being a journalist / editor; playwright cum political satirist and legal luminary all rolled into one, in addition to his being an actor in the comedian genre. If one considers the fact that he was also a Rajya Sabha member for a full term, then in addition to being a political satirist, Srinivasa Iyer Ramaswamy (or Cho Ramaswamy as we know him better), is also a politician, besides being a highly colourful, if sometimes controversial, personality. The person Cho is, however, more than the sum of all his attributes, and is at once one who is adulated by a large section in Tamilnadu, while others have equally strong negative feelings for him. Looking back at the acting portfolio of this octogenarian celebrity, he shot into prominence through his play “Muhammad Bin Tughluq” back in 1968, which caught the imagination of the audience with its pungent satire on current day politicians and society leaders. The audience lapped it up with minor variations to reflect the shifting contemporary realities, for almost 30 long years. Such was its popularity that a film on the same theme and the same name was made in 1971, with almost the same cast and with Cho in the lead role. Although the popularity remained undiminished, due to advancing years, Cho decided to perpetuate the play and his performance in it by releasing a DVD for the same. “Tughluq” also sort of branded Cho into a political satirist and also encouraged him to use the same Tughluq brand to serve as the name of his immensely popular political satire magazine. Although Cho has acted in more than 40 films and about 12 plays besides directing or writing the screenplay for some of them too, his “Tughluq” branding seems to have overshadowed much of this other accomplishments as well as blemishes, finally ending the debate about his predominating trait, and establishing him as one of the most well known political satirists today, who is known for his outspoken views and novel ways of raising public awareness on various issues.


J P Chandrababu

When Sivaji Ganesan and MGR was ruling the Tamil screen, there was a comedian who commanded salary on a par with them. And this actor was Joseph Panimayadas Rodriguez Chandrababu (1927–1974), who was a dancing and singing –actor. This actor had introduced yodeling in the playback singing, and his movements were like Charlie Chaplin, that made him popular from the late 1940’s to the early 1970’s. He sang in his first film Dhana Amaravathi (1947) and had never looked back later. But the tragedy was that, such a successful actor died a pauper in 1974. Chandrababu acted in 76 movies and showed much versatility, many actors compared his style of singing, dancing and acting with Danny Kaye and Bob Hope. He liked to lead a royal life. So he purchased a 20-acre plot on Greenways Road and began a house construction, where he used to drive the car straight to the first floor. He learnt the dialect from rickshaw pullers and street vendors near his home in Triplicane and had essayed many roles that needed such dialects. He wanted to sign MGR for Maadi Veettu Yezhai, but MGR never co-operated with him. So the film did not see light of the day, even though few scenes were shot. He met with financial crisis as the film Maadi Veettu Yezhai could not get complete and he became penniless. He again tried his luck with Thattungal Thirakkappadum, which was known for its cinematography work, but was not a box office success. The actor-singer was paid Rs 200 for his first film, but when he achieved stardom, he used to command Rs 1 lakh, a sum which no comedy actor in South Indian cinema had commanded earlier. His marriage was a total failure and he was heartbroken. Later, he reduced his assignments and became a confused man. He has acted in 76 movies. He died on 8 March, 1974.

J P Chandrababu Tamil Actor