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Ramana Gogula is a singer, musician, songwriter, and composer. He was born on 13th June in Vizag, India. His genre is Indian Pop and Film Music. Raman Gogula said that it all began when he was seventeen. He also made a rock and roll band in Vizag. His favorite bands are Pink Floyd and Jethro Tull.

He never admired Indian music that much, Ramana’s mother was a classical singer. Ramana said that he thought that the osmosis process has worked. If a person does not like something and if he has been in the vicinity, then that person automatically absorbs it without knowing it and that is what happened to him.

When he went to IIT Kharagpur, he formed another band there. He took part in fusion and creative music. He also formed a reggae band, and they used to play for four years in bar and pubs. He also began world music. Ramana also worked with Africans, Jamaicans, American Blues Musicians, and Rock n Roll Funk Guitarists. He spent almost six years thinking what he should do in future. In 1996, he released his album, Aye Laila with Sony. Jayant, the director of Premante Idera Click to look into! >> Read More... , met him, he liked his work and wanted him to do 'Premate Idera' for him.

He also knew Venky via another friend, and Venky wanted him to compose music for 'Preminchukundam Raa,’ and that was how he got into films. He completed four films. He concentrated on his company and worked harder to make his company popular. He produced the Indian Pop studio Album named Mysty Rhythms with a music video, 'Aye Laila' which became popular on the charts. He then entered into the Telugu film industry. He is an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur.

His popular works include Thammudu, and amazing songs in the film Adavilo Anna, and Premante Idera, and Badri, and Yuvaraju. He composed the theme music for the 70th-anniversary celebrations of Timpany School. He was also co-founder and former CEO of the company Liquid Kry situated in Bengaluru.

He has also worked in a Kannada movie titled Yuvaraja, starring Shivrajkumar and a Tamil movie titled Badri, which is a remake of Thammudu. Ramana is also a software engineer and has worked for Sybase. He has also done a film named Boni. Ramana is a talented singer and composer. He has worked hard to reach this platform. He is a hard-working person, works efficiently and is dedicated towards his work.


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