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Praveen Kumar is an Indian actor known for his role in Tamil movies. He is known for his work in Vellaiya Irukiravan Poi Solla Maatan, which was a huge hit. He played the lead role in the movie portraying Karthik, a young man who decides to blackmail his ex and get money for his father’s medical treatment. His work in the movie earned him lots of praise. He was born in the city of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. He made his debut in Tamil film Appuchi Gramam in 2014. He also did various modeling projects. He is a young aspiring actor who is trying to make a mark in the industry and has succeeded to a point with his acting in VIPSM. He is cast against Shalini in the movie. The movie is a cliffhanger and holds you on the edge of your seats from start to end.

It is a comic affair turning into a rather thriller end. The movie grasps you into it; the acting of Praveen Kumar plays a very important role, he is a narrator in the movie taking you through the movie. His black comedy amazes you at every moment in the film and shows his versatility in the acting field. The movie earned a positive response and especially Praveen earned many praises. Praveen Kumar got his big break with this movie and would like to continue his work in the upcoming movies. He took part in the promotion of the movie and made huge efforts in promoting the movie. He appeared in various Press Conferences and also made various appearances at several promotional events. He made incredible progress along with two great movies, Appuchi Gramam and VIPSM. He has made a great start in his filming career and believes he’ll go all the way with it.


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