Malaysia Vasudevan

Other names of Malaysia Vasudevan: Sathu Arumugam Nair, Vasudevan Nair
Malaysia Vasudevan Tamil Actor
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Malaysia Vasudevan is a playback singer who dominated in the field of playback singing in the Tamil film industry during Illayaraja’s time.  Both of them heralded a musical golden era in Tamil film industry. It was Illayaraja who gave Vasudevan various types and genres of film songs; Vasudevan sang with almost sincerity and climbed the ladder of success. 

Malaysia Vasudevan had begun his career by joining Pavalar Brothers troupe that was run by Ilaiyaraaja and his brothers. When Illayaraja got a break in the film industry, he shaped the singing career of this singer too along with him.  Vasudevan was born on 15 June 1944 in Selangor, Malaysia

Vasudevan had a good backing from Illayaraja and became a star singer. His first debut song for Illayaraja was in ‘Annakili’ and consequently followed ‘ 16 Vayathinile Click to look into! >> Read More... 16 Vayathinile ’, after which he had no looking back. He sang more than 8,000 songs in Tamil film industry and has given his voice for music directors like M. S. Viswanathan, Ilaiyaraaja, Shankar Ganesh Shankar Ganesh is an on-screen Indian Actor who wo >> Read More... Shankar Ganesh , Deva, A. R. Rahman, and Vidyasagar etc. He was considered the ultimate voice for Rajni Kanth's songs and every film that he had sung for the superstar became hit. After T. M. Soundararajan had left singing, Vasudevan was even considered ghost voice for Sivaji Ganesan.

Vasudevan has sung many folk-cum-film songs with S. Janaki, which needed a high pitch. He could match the versatility of Janaki, and many of their duets were on top of the music charts. This singer did not sing in any other language like T. M. Soundararajan, and thus other regional film industry could not exploit his talents. 

Vasudevan has sung many sensuous and even romantic songs too which are evergreen still. The songs that he had sung for Illayaraja will always remain evergreen in the film industry. 

Vasudevan passed away on 20 February 2011 when he was just 66 years old. He has left a huge fan base and immortal work which can be the inspiration for many generations.