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A. L. Abanindran, also known as Abhi, is a Tamil movie director and screenplay writer. He is the writer and director of the movie Vellaiya Irukiravan Poi Solla Maatan, a Tamil comedy film. This is his debut movie as a solo director. He had previously assisted during the making of Rajiv Menon’s super hit romance movie Minsara Kanavu (1997) and Kandukondain Kandukondain (2000) which was a romance movie based on Jane Austen’s novel Sense and Sensibility. He used to produce advertisements before stepping into the world of movies. Right from his childhood, he was surrounded by people from the creative arts. This created his natural progression towards the field. He did a course at the Film Institute and then worked for five years with Sarangan, the cameraman of his debut film. After that, he and his friend Devanshu started a firm called Ignite Films where they produced advertisements. His debut movie Vellaiya Irukiravan Poi Solla Maatan was also produced by Ignite Films.

He had worked with the producers before on the television serial Dharmayutham for Vijay TV in 2012. The name of the movie created quite a buzz as the title wasn’t mainstream and a bit different. The film was a comedy and aimed at erasing society’s superstitions. It was a moderate success and his effort as a newcomer impressed the critics a lot, including highly talented director Gautham Menon Gautham Vasudev Menon is known for his directional >> Read More... . He believes in the power of good scripts in any movie that is made. As he says— “I have always believed that a good script and proper cinematography are essential to make a film succeed at the box-office.”


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