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Mahendra Sandhu
DOB: 18 Apr 1947

Mahendra Sandhu

DOB: 5 Mar 1976


Debraj Naiya
DOB: 21 Nov 1989

Debraj Naiya

Ramesh Khanna
DOB: 30 Nov 1955

Ramesh Khanna

Navodaya Appachan
DOB: 6 Feb 1924

Navodaya Appachan



Ankur Nayyar Hindi TV-Actor
Born: 27 May 1997

Age Now 27

Ankur Nayyar - (TV-Actor)

Asha Sachdev Hindi TV-Actress
Born: 27 May 1956

Age Now 68

Asha Sachdev - (TV-Actress)

Ankitha Telugu Movie Actress
Born: 27 May 1982

Age Now 42

Ankitha - (Movie Actress)

Shiju Kataria Hindi TV-Actress
Born: 27 May 1989

Age Now 35

Shiju Kataria - (TV-Actress)

Sugandha Mishra Hindi TV-Actress
Born: 27 May 1988

Age Now 36

Sugandha Mishra - (TV-Actress)

Chirag Jain Hindi Editor
Born: 27 May 1985

Age Now 39

Chirag Jain - (Editor)

Dinesh Kaushik Hindi Movie Actor
Born: 27 May 1957

Age Now 67

Dinesh Kaushik - (Movie Actor)

Paul Bettany English Movie Actor
Born: 27 May 1971

Age Now 53

Paul Bettany - (Movie Actor)


Film Director Captain Of The Film

A film director is the person responsible for making the film, he is one such person who would direct the location, the storyline of the movie and synchronise the cast. He signs different actors to come together and work for the success of the movie. A film director is the main hand behind the movie. He is responsible for the success or the failure of the movie besides the actors. The director is the nerve point of the film making.He is the one who organises everything right from the initial process to development of scripts to the ultimate realises of the final film.

According to his discretion,ability, judgment and power of reasoning, the script, cast, music, setting, backdrop, marketing, finance of the entire process is managed with help of experts. Any script written, can be interpreted in various ways. A director must decide in which manner does he want the audience to understand it and therefore direct the script accordingly. The director of the movie brings forth the cast in a very believable manner. They rehearse with them several times in order to assure perfection of their role.

An actor must live his role, and live it in such a manner that the audience believes them to be real, and this is what a director must ensure. The producers of a movie must hire the best directors in order to make the movie successful