Brian Wilson English Actor
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Brian Wilson is an American singer, producer, composer and musician, born on 20th June 1942 in California. His birth name is Brian Douglas Wilson. He is the co-founder of the band ‘the beach boys.’ In 1962 he sang in capital records, after singing he nearly wrote or helped in composing about forty top hit songs for that group. Wilson is mainly popularized by his creative musical works and noticed as an innovative music director. He knows different techniques for recording music in various ways, in 1966 he composed Pet Sounds album which had got the massive response around the world.

The beach boy’s band had got freighted for the Wilson’s behavior during the release of Smile album, but the album was not released because of Wilson’s health issues because during that time he severely suffered from nervous breakdown, his erratic behavior caused many fluctuations in the band. Later he got treatment from the Psychologist Eugene and almost recovered well in 1990’s and began to perform solo. At the age of 21 years, he got the freedom to compose his own songs and that was the chance he amazed many people by his creativity. Wilson is considered as a key person for narrating independent music.

His album Smile finally released in the year 2004 and had received few awards for his musical works. He was ranked as 52nd singer among top 100 singers, and 12th songwriter among 100 in a report produced during the year 2015. Wilson is eldest of three sons, his sibling’s names were Dennis and Carl, his father Murry Wilson was a singer and songwriter and encouraged his sons to participate in his field. Wilson is very clever since his childhood, he easily catches any music and can sing that song without any hesitation or break.

At his childhood, he slightly lost his hearing capacity, not exactly deaf but partially which made him low but later on, he gained his self-confidence. Wilson got educated at Hawthorne high school, since from the school age he used to sing with his friends and family members in small functions. Wilson completed his Psychology major in Los Angeles at EI Camino College during the year 1960. He became a member for ‘The beach boys’ and had given many shows along with his band, each recording made by that band had got a mammoth response every time.

In 2013 Wilson along with his band beach boys started self-producing songs with the help of famous guitarist ‘Jeff Beck’, and they were very involved in their works which had released in three separate forms and got a huge response. Wilson had married Marilyn Rovell and the couple had two daughters Wendy and Carnie, but later they separated in 1979. He got married to another woman Melinda Kae, they actually dated for three years and got married in 1995.