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“Buzz and Tell” is a Kids entertainment and educational programme, whose duration is of 5 minutes. This show is produced by Jon Doyle and was aired on 9th August 2010 (UK). Buzz and Tell is a puppet panel quiz show, hosted by a Walrus named Walter Flipstick. Every episode has a specific format and is played by five puppet contestants. This quiz show includes a ‘missing word round’, ‘picture round’, ‘number round’, ‘sound round’ and sometimes a ‘general knowledge round’. The winner at the end of each episode, wins a silly prize. In ‘missing word round’, a sentence from any poem is read, and the last word is to be guessed by the contestants. Picture round has photos of the day to day objects and, in number round easy mathematical questions like “what is 2+2=” are asked. In the sound round, various audio clips are played, for e.g. animal cry, bell ring, etc. General Knowledge round contains easy general questions, which are occasionally asked in this show.

The show includes different puppet contestants. Water Flipstick is a quiz master on this show, and he is a Walrus. Contestants includes Melanie Wiggles, Karl, Mr. Biscuits, Charles Cheese, Orange Bernard, Ken Koala, Miss Honkover, Henrietta Peck, B1N and Callista Croak. Melanie Wiggles is a rabbit and she studies carrot. Karl is a chinchilla who has good knowledge about nuts. During the show, he occasionally forgets to buzz the buzzer and eventually forgets the answer of the question. Mr. Biscuits expertises in biscuits, who once invented a self-baking biscuit. He is an unknown species as he similarizes with rabbit but has a red nose like a clown. Charles Cheese is a mouse with a cheese fascination. Since he is a mouse, he is the smallest contestant in this show. Orange Bernard is an orange obsessed orangutan. He is known for eating banana sideways. Ken Koala is a shy koala from Australia and has a typical Australian accent. Miss Honkover in an exotic bird, B1N is a robot made from pedal bin who answers ‘sausage’ for almost every question. Henrietta Peck is a hen. One of her eggs hatching usually gives the answer in a deep voice, and finally, Callista Croak is a frog. Mr. Biscuits has won this show many times, whereas Orange Bernard is yet to win the show. Mr. Biscuits and Charles Cheese have regularly appeared on the show with Walter Flipstick (the quiz master).




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