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It is an animated television show which used to air on CBeebies. It was a hit show among the children, and they used to love watching it as it used to entertain them a lot and also made them jubilant. The show used to air every Saturday at 5 PM. The first episode was telecasted on 17 February 2014. And since then, it is a favourite show of the children who watch it. The serial is available in both Hindi and English languages. The show is also called with another name i.e. dino taps.

Dino Paws is a serial which follows the adventures done by three dinosaurs namely Bob, Gwen and Tony. It reveals the fun adventures they do while travelling their unusual world. They want to go to all the places they could and thus in between they do something or the other activity which used to add to the humour part in the serial and was thus liked by the children. They are best friends and travel in the world where everything is possible. They are playful and whimsical in nature which is a plus point in the story. They roam and see, feel each and everything where ever they go. Thus the 50 episode of the show of the season 1 was telecasted on 18 February 2015. Thus it is based on the genre of animation which appeals to a large amount of audience.

The show has also been nominated for various awards like the Canadian Screen Award for best direction in an animated program. Each episode of the serial is around 10 min which is more than enough to grab the attention of the youngsters. The production company under which it was produced were Guru Animation Studio, Laughing Gravy media and Kindle entertainment. Thus it is the journey of Bob, Gen and Tony that led them to such an epic way and a memorable trip. They discover many things and also learnt a lot.

Thus it is the best show for all the pre-schoolers which acts likes a magical programme for them. And in turn, they love seeing it. Dino Paws became one of the most watched shows of its time and also was liked a lot by a huge audience especially children. The parents too were not stopping their kids to see it because it was an enjoyable serial to watch and did not teach anything wrong. Thus the backed by prizes and also helped the channel in gaining a lot of TRPs which they couldn’t have if they would not have aired the show on the network.

Another Version Of This Bio:

DinoPaws is an animated television show first telecasted on 17th Feb 2014 and has in total of a fifty episodes in its first season. Produced by Guru Animation Studio, Laughing Gravy media and Kindle entertainment the show is based on the life of three dinosaurs named Bob, Gwen and Tony who are loved by all children cause of their humour and comical manners. Show is set in Mesozoic Era where these three dinosaurs keep searching for new things in their surrounding for fun and end up with something amusing by the end of it.

There is an adventure and somewhere in that adventure, there is a sense of humour which is loved by all the children who watch this show. The show does not teach a specific lesson in every episode but surely there is no promotion of any kind of negative content in this. DinoPaw is purely made for a fun purpose and it’s not only preschoolers but even kids in junior school enjoy watching it. The show runs for 10 minutes and this is the main reason it has grabbed a good attention of the larger audience. Due to its positive content, even parents do not stop their children from watching it. The show has also bagged some awards on its name and one such award is Canadian Screen Award, this award has helped boost the TRP and has also gathered a larger set of audience to itself.

An icing over the top is its creation and theme which seems more pleasant to watch, the graphics are fantastic for the specifications of the show and gives a more movie like a feel to it instead of a normal animated low budget television show. Children especially preschoolers love to talk about dinosaurs and how they must have lived, the show takes them into that era which excites them to know about it. Without exaggerating they have managed to make the show funny in every aspect and holds on to one’s attention till the end of it.

The show also airs by the name DinoTalks at 5p.m on CBeebies every Saturday. Hence, due to its simplicity of the content, the show is the favourite of all preschoolers ever since and it's perfect air timing has gathered a good view to it. Kids look forward to this show and it is definitely a funny one for them and parents don’t mind their kids watching it even though it’s not informative. One can be tension free while their kids watch DinoPaws because it does not promote any kind of negative content, inappropriate manner of characters and wrong use of language. Overall, DinoPaw is funnier than those other shows which bother a child’s mind in a negative way. Bob, Gwen and Tony take you through their journey in happy and sweetest manner possible with some humour to it.


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