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Garth and Bev is an animated television show which is for preschool children. Kavaleer Productions produces the serial. The show, Garth and Bev is set in the Bronze Age. It focuses on the adventures of Garth as he goes on and on along with his little sister, Bev. They are not just like any other ordinary children but rather they are time travellers. They can travel across time into different ages and generations. The two of them get this ability from their grandfather who is a mystical druid having magical abilities. They journey from one-time era to another and gain a lot of knowledge how things change. They learn how nature influences modern day inventions.

The show is not like any other animated show which is meant just for humour and excitement but to learn. The show is all about using creativity and the ability to solve problems which describe the two main characters of Garth and Bev do. They use their knowledge and skill to bring solutions to problems. In each episode, a new difficulty comes up for which a solution is needed. The aim is to interest the children watching the show and instilling such creativity in them. Garth and Bev are also about bringing to light how beautiful nature is.

The show suggests many ways that for every modern-day invention, nature already has a prepared answer. The two characters are created in a beautiful way. Garth is eight years old while his sister Bev is six. Garth always wanted to be an artist and also has passion in discovering and meeting many new inventors and learning new things from them. Bev is also very smart for somebody of her age. Usually, she is the one more excited about the journey and time travel which is something that she loves to do, and she is the one who discovers answers to the problems that are allotted to them by their grandfather, Lir. He is the one who sets new challenges for them and gives it to them to complete it.

Once they can complete the challenge, he takes them for a time travel with his abilities. It is about the time when Garth and Bev live in harmony with nature years ago. Their grandfather reminds them of the secret that nature has all the answers hidden. Though made in Ireland, The show aired in India on the channel Zee Q.

Another version of this serial:

Are you keeping your child away from T.V for the nonsensical shows that are aired? Are you looking for something for your kids that help them learn while they have some fun? Then, Garth & Bev is one such show produced by Kavaleer Productions that lets you have both. Garth & Bev of age eight & six respectively, are the most adventurous and intellectual pair you might find on an animated show for preschoolers. Well, there is fun and knowledge which is enough for a preschooler kid to learn and grow while they watch their favourite television or internet channel.

The show is set in a bronze era of human history and depicts the journey of siblings who solve their small problems by teleporting to different era what they call is “The time spiral”, with the help of their magician grandfather. At the age of eight Garth holds a lot of creativity which can be seen through his cave painting and he also has an eye for invention whereas Bev being six-year-old is always hyper for going to a different era. Bev enjoys travelling and seeing different sets of time which make her a hyper-active character especially in the case of time-travelling. With this intelligent set of characters, the producers have interacted well with their audience in such a way that kids get to learn something through the adventurous journey of characters.

There is art, fun and all this is blended in a happening way. Each episode depicts a problem for whose solution their Grandfather helps them with some hints. Grandfather later teleports them to a different era where they find a definite answer and learn some facts. Both of them travel through “the time spiral” and learn how nature has influenced modern day innovations. There is a link between everything to nature and natural surroundings which are being portrayed by the end of every episode.

The show ends well with a line, “Nature has all the answers” and in this way, they are able to teach preschoolers that nature is the most productive of all which helps each and every human on earth with their daily process. This show is beautifully carved for their target audience of preschoolers and definitely, is better than the present shows which make no sense at most and teach nothing but how to chase someone and this defies the positive progress of a child’s brain. Kids have been enjoying Garth and Bev and parents are happy with the show, which in return have grossed a good TRP for itself.




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