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Chadwick Boseman English Movie Actor
DOB: 29 Nov 1976

Chadwick Boseman

Benedict Cumberbatch English Movie Actor
DOB: 19 Jul 1976

Benedict Cumberbatch

Jay Chou English Movie Actor
DOB: 18 Jan 1979

Jay Chou

Martin Scorsese English Director
DOB: 17 Nov 1942

Martin Scorsese

A J Buckley English Movie Actor
DOB: 9 Feb 1977

A J Buckley

A. J. Bowen English Movie Actor
DOB: 21 Dec 1977

A. J. Bowen

Aarif Rahman English Movie Actor
DOB: 26 Feb 1987

Aarif Rahman

Aaron Aziz English Movie Actor
DOB: 23 Feb 1976

Aaron Aziz

Aaron Craven English Director
DOB: 25 Jul 1974

Aaron Craven

Aaron Eckhart English Movie Actor
DOB: 12 Mar 1968

Aaron Eckhart



Andy Garcia English Movie Actor
Born: 12 April 1956

Age Now 68

Andy Garcia - (Movie Actor)

Oliver Stapleton English Cinematographer
Born: 12 April 1948

Age Now 76

Oliver Stapleton - (Cinematographer)

Saoirse Ronan English Movie Actress
Born: 12 April 1994

Age Now 30

Saoirse Ronan - (Movie Actress)

Brooklyn Decker English Movie Actress
Born: 12 April 1987

Age Now 37

Brooklyn Decker - (Movie Actress)

Giorgio Cantarini English Movie Actor
Born: 12 April 1992

Age Now 32

Giorgio Cantarini - (Movie Actor)

Herbert Grönemeyer English Musician
Born: 12 April 1956

Age Now 68

Herbert Grönemeyer - (Musician)

Joe Slaughter English Movie Actor
Born: 12 April 1982

Age Now 42

Joe Slaughter - (Movie Actor)

Guy Berryman   English Musician
Born: 12 April 1978

Age Now 46

Guy Berryman - (Musician)


The Man Who Leads The Film As You See It

All the male performers on the screen are the actors. Actors can have lead roles or can be supporting the leads; they might even just have a minor role wherein they come on the screen for a very short span of time. Actors essentially read scripts, and once they agree to work in the film, they sign. The director of a film and the actor need to work out on the dates of the shoot. The actors might need to pick up different art forms for their roles, or to learn a language (or simply get a hold of the accent). Actors need to stay fit and be flexible with their bodies according to their on-screen characters. They need to travel extensively for their shooting as well as promotions. They are well versed with the script and know the importance of each character in the film.

During the casting of the film, they might as well appear for some auditions or screen tests in front of the casting team and the director. The director is the person with whom the actors interacts the most. While some filmmakers give their actors complete freedom to act the way they wish to and deviate from the script a little bit, certain directors like it if the actors stick to the script strictly. The actors also need to go through the styling phase- the costumes, make-up, hair and the like. They need to coordinate with the cameramen for every take that is shot and also work well with the make-up artists (even between the takes). Although for men the stylists stick to the basic clothing and look when it comes to simple and real film, but with more challenging roles and unique films, the styling increases.