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Santa Barbara is a television serial which was first aired in the United States of America on the National Broadcasting Company (NBC). The show was premiered on July 30, 1984 and ended on January 15, 1993. The serial was aired under the production of the Dobson Productions and New World Television. They are also the acting distributor of the show in the international markets. This is the first serial of the production company New World Television. Due to the acquisition of New World Television by the News Corp, the ownership of the series transferred to the 20th Television. Santa Barbara was broadcasted in India on Star World (Hong Kong based) channel from the years 1993 to 1997. 

Santa Barbara was telecasted in more than 40 countries. The popularity of the serial consistently arised  and it even came to the point where people from the White House started idolizing the said show. The show gained 24 Daytime Emmy Awards and it was even nominated for 30 times in the same category. Santa Barbara also received 18 Soap Opera Digest Awards and many other awards from the time it started airing.The show is all about the momentous lives of the well-off household from Santa Barbara, California. The Capwell family and the other families that were introduced in the show were rivals including the Lockridge, Andrade and Perkins. 

Santa Barbara is significant for obtaining a vital plot around from which several others revolve, like the killing of Channing Capwell, Jr. The murder takes place 5 years before the show really begins, and the character of Joe Perkins (played by Dane Witherspoon) was jailed for killing him. He also received a parole and came back to Santa Barbara to prove that he is not the murderer and to rekindle his relationship with Kelly Capwell, who happens to be the sister of Channing Capwell, Jr. The serial has several twists and turns in which almost the entire major casts will be accused for the killing. 

The production of this serial re-casted the original characters for many times over. From the last part of the serials, almost all the entire original characters had been changed and re-casted aside from the characters of Eden Capwell and Cruz Castillo (played by Marcy Walker), Augusta Wainwright (played by Louise Sorel) and Lionel Lockridge (played by Nicholas Coster). Kelly and C.C’s characters have the ultimate number of re-castings. Some re-castings became successful especially the characters of C.C. Capwell No. 4 (played by Jed Allan), Sophia Capwell No. 2 (played by Judith McConnell) and Gina Blake DeMott No. 2 (played by Robin Mattson). In 1992, the majority of the original characters have been re-casted or written out. Then, the new set of characters has arrived that caused the ratings to drop down, until it was cancelled.



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