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Fear Factor is a US game show which was based on different type of activity like some task. The show was first premiered in the year on 2001 and is aired until 2006. This show was adapted from a Dutch reality TV show Now or Never land, which was adapted by NBC later for this American version in 2001, and presented it to public with a new name Fear Factor. The concept of the show is to make the contestants compete against each other in the variety of scenarios, which at last let them win prize money of $50,000. The former five season of the show presents six participants 3 men and three women but at the season six this concept had changed and four teams were formed who competes against each other with each team consists of two participants and have some relationship to each other.

The stunts were evaluated later on and it is decided who had done the best and who had one the worst, while the best one goes ahead with the show the one gave poor execution would be eliminated. The participant who has performed one or two stunts was given $25000 prize, and rest of them was omitted automatically, later they return to compete for the remaining money. The big prize money is claimed most of the time, but once it was not claimed by anyone because no one was able to complete the final stunt, it happened on the best friend’s episode on September 27, 2004.

The show was originally planned for giving a tough competition to the very successful Series of the show Survivor. In that time the idea was fresh and new so it gained popularity quickly receiving good ratings, and it was same until few seasons. But as the years passed the show have to face harsh competition against other reality shows so, its popularity decreased instantly and its rating dropped, mostly because of the other shows like American Idol.

In spite of all these difficulties the makers had put the last season of the show, but still failed to deliver an improved concept and new kind of stunt, which finally put an end to this memorable TV show and lead to its cancelation in May 2006 by NBC. Though the ending was not quite apt but still this show had earned the NBC $600 million.



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