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Breaking Bad was one of the very famous American TV series aired on AMC networks. It belongs to the genre, crime drama. Vince Gilligan created and produced the series. It started in the year 2008 and ran until 2013. There were five seasons as it was the most watched TV series in America. Breaking Bad means “raise hell” in Southern colloquialism. Bryan Cranston Ostentatiously known for his anti-hero role of Wal >> Read More... , the protagonist, played the character of Walter White. The other main roles are Skyler White ( Anna Gunn Anna Gunn is a well-known American actress who fea >> Read More... ), Jesse Pinkman ( Aaron Paul Skills combined with talent will always make you a >> Read More... ), Hank Schrader ( Dean Norris Famous for portraying the role of DEA agent Hank S >> Read More... ), Marie Schrader (Betsy Brandt), Walter White Junior ( RJ Mitte RJ Mitte also known as Roy Frank or Mitte III is a >> Read More... ), Saul Goodman ( Bob Odenkirk Robert John Odenkirk (born October 22, 1962) is an >> Read More... ), Gustavo “Gus” Fring ( Giancarlo Esposito Giancarlo’s full name is Giuseppe Alessandro Espos >> Read More... ), Mike Ehrmantrant ( Jonathan Banks Born in Washington, D.C., U.S, on January 31, 1947 >> Read More... ), Lydia Rodarte- Quayle (Laura Fraser) and Todd Acquist (Jesse Plemons).

The first season is all about how Walter White, a chemistry teacher takes a wrong path. Walter was suffering from incurable lung cancer. He meets his former student Jesse Pinkman and joins his illegal business of producing and selling methamphetamine. He starts taking the criminal ways to make money so that his family doesn’t face financial problem in future. His wife was pregnant, and his son was disabled. He wanted to make them stable before his death. The show also focuses on how they produced and faced problems from local drug dealers in selling. In the second season, Walter continues producing the drug and faces multiple challenges. Jesse’s friend, Badger, gets arrested while selling the drug. Walter hires a lawyer, Saul Goodman to release Badger from the jail.

Later, on the advice of Goodman, they travel to a desert to manufacture the drug. Another friend of Jesse is killed by the rival gang as he entered their distribution channel. Meanwhile, Skyler delivers a girl baby. Walter misses that and also, he doesn’t spend much time with his family leading to another family problem. Skyler wants to get separated from him. In the third season, Walter confesses Skyler about his illegal business to sort out the family problem. Hearing it, Skyler demands a formal divorce. Jesse continues selling the drugs. Later, Gus proposes to give a big amount of money, a lab and an assistant, Gale to Walter. On the other side, DEA Agent, Hank is trying to collect evidence to arrest Jesse. Two assailants will attack Hank.

Hank kills one of them, and the other will get injured, who will later die in the hospital. Hank is also injured, but he recovers from it. Jesse threatens Walter to report to the police. So, Walter gives Gale’s position to Jesse. Now, Jesse starts stealing the drugs from the lab and sells secretly. Also, he falls in love with a lady, whose son will be put up by Gus leading Jesse to take revenge against Gus.

Walter helps Jesse to save himself from Gus’s extreme anger. Gus starts losing trust on Walter and orders Gale to take over the lab. Gus’s men will abduct Walter. Meantime, Walter will manage to call Jesse and ask him to kill Gale so that Gus might step back to kill him in return. In the next season, Jesse murders Gale. So, Gus had to give Walter and Jesse a position in the lab. He tries to break their friendship by assigning different jobs and making them stay far away from each other.

On the other side, Hank gets to know that Gus is a major distributor of drugs. Gus also realises the close relationship between Walter and Hank. So, Gus dismisses Walter and informs him about his plan to kill Hank. Also, he threatens Walter that he will destroy his family if he interferes in this matter. This will result in invoking Walter’s anger which leads to the murder of Gus. Then, they both destroy the lab. In the fifth season, Walter, Jesse, and Mike will form a partnership business of meth (drug) operations. Due to various problems Walter kills Mike.

Later, in the series Walter will plan to kill Jesse in the desert, but Hank will trap and arrest him. The neo-nazi gang (Walter had relation with them) will come and attack Hank and kill him. They will capture Jesse and force him to produce the drug for their gang. Also, they will take away Walter’s money leaving behind $11 out of $80 as goodwill. After this, Skyler goes against Walter, he hid in a cabin and faced a plethora of problems. In the end, he realises all his bad moves in life and repents. The series won a lot of awards. The show teaches a lot to its viewers. All actions have consequences, and the choice among goodness and badness is hard to make when we are under pressure. It won Primetime Emmy Awards sixteen times, eight Satellite Awards, twice Golden Globe Awards, Peabody Awards, and Critics’ Choice Awards and four times Television Critics Association Awards.


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