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Zou is a cartoon/animation TV series for children that aired on the ZeeQ channel in 2014. The origin of Zou was in France and is loosely based on the books written by Michel Gay. It is broadcast in many languages all over the world but for Indian audiences, it is shown in Hindi. Zou has close to 70 episodes since its beginning in 2012, each having a run time of about 10-12 minutes.

Zou follows the story and life of a little zebra kid, who is portrayed as wild and free-spirited. He is shown to live with his parents, nana, and grand parents. The entire town which Zou lives in has zebras as its residents; ebras that live talk and walk on two legs. Each episode follows Zou on an exciting adventure along with his friends, family, and neighbours. Zou's close friend and neighbour Elzee is a recurrent character and is also hinted to be Zou's romantic interest. Other companions include Zak, Zou's grandpa, Zinnia (cousin) and Poc a parakeet who is always seen chirping around Zou.

The show’s aim is to provide entertainment as well as to be a fun-learning activity for kids. Through every episode Zou usually finds some task to do and gets stuck, thus seeking help from his parents and friends. Also, there is always a moral behind these activities like kindness, forgiveness etc.

The scenes are mostly set in and around Zou's house or at the playground where Zou is seen playing with his friends. Grandpa's garage, the provisional shop, the circus, soccer ground are also seen. Zou is always in his yellow dungarees and is displayed as a cute, sweet child.

Certain segments show Zou feeling scared of things and how he overcomes them; these kinds of situations seem very relatable to the kids watching the show and hence make it worthwhile. Every time Zou tries different games wherein he never fails to involve his friends.

Zou's relationship with his family is another point of focus. Zou's great-grandmother ‘Nana' is very loving and kisses Zou at any chance she gets. Zou's grandparents are shown to be lightly bickering and always at Zou's aid. Zou's mother always reminds him to stay out of trouble and she also calls him ‘Bizou' which is his full name. She works at the hospital.

Online video games, songs, puzzles, and other activities based on Zou's show are also available.




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