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Narcos is an immensely popular English crime web television series created by Chris Brancato, Doug Miro, and Carlo Bernard. Narcos is based on the story of a notorious drug dealer Pablo Escobar- Colombian drug lord and the leader of Medellin Cartel. Escobar is the drug king of Colombia who becomes wealthy and famous through his deals in cocaine and interactions with other drug dealers and DEA agents.

The first season of Narcos focuses on the chronicles and introduction of the character Escobar and development of the plot. After the success of the first part, Narcos season 2 released on September 6, 2016, on Netflix. Wagner Moura Wagner Moura is an actor from Brazil. The full nam >> Read More... acts as Pablo Escobar. Other notable characters include Steve Murphy played by Boyd Holbrook Boyd Holbrook, whose full name is Robert Boyd Holb >> Read More... who is a DEA agent set with the work of bringing down Pablo. Pedro Pascal Pedro Pascal is a renowned Chilean actor. He was b >> Read More... plays Javier Pena who is in Pedro's task force. Other famous characters are Hermilda Gaviria(Pablo’s mother), Juan Diego ”La Quica” Diaz(an assassin regularly hired by Medellin), Judy Moncada(a former leader of Medellin Cartel whose husband Kiko is killed by Pablo in the first season) and Gilbert Rodriguez Orejuela (leader of Cali Cartel).

The first episode of Season 2 begins right from the ending of season 1. Some soldiers find Pablo Escobar outside the perimeter of La Cathedral but are too scared to arrest him. Escobar still has the little loyalty of his cartel and starts hiding from the CIA. He hires a pimp- Limon, who is also a taxi driver and helps Pablo in hiding in the trunk of the car. Cali Cartel soon gets into an alliance with the right wing Castano brothers, Judy Moncada and Don Berna. Judy has a meeting with Cali Cartel’s leaders where she reluctantly gives away the address of Escobar’s drug labs to the DEA search team. This leads to multiple arrests of the cartel members. Infuriated by this, Escobar kills Colonel Horacio Carillo who is a Colombian police chief. Eventually, the Colombian police and Escobar indulge in long lasting fights resulting in unrest in Colombia. At Gilberto’s daughter’s wedding, Pablo Escobar explodes a bomb injuring a large number of people. Enraged by this, Gilberto has Hermilda followed by Los Pepes from the Christmas Mass and attacks the whole Escobar family in their house.

Escobar tries to get his family safely to Germany. But, Steve gets to know about this and deports them back to Colombia. Eventually, all of Escobar's men are hunted down and killed. Getting to know about this, Pablo tries to hide out with Limon. Limon steals Maritza's (Limon's childhood friend) earrings and kills her, and both the boys run off to Medellin. Pablo tries to contact his family, but during the procedure, DEA tracks him down using radio triangulation. Limon is shot while trying to escape through a window and Pablo is hit multiple times, but finally shot dead in the head. Meanwhile, Tata (Escobar's wife) seeks help from the Cali Cartel to leave the country.


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