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Reign is a romantic drama set in the era when monarchy was the norm. The show originated in the country of the United States of America. Laurie McCarthy   Laurie McCarthy, arguably renowned for her work >> Read More... and Stephanie Sengupta are the creators of the show. Trevor Morris Trevor Morris is a Canadian based music producer a >> Read More... composed the opening theme of the show named Scotland. The executive producers of the program are Laurie McCarthy, Stephanie Sengupta, Brad Silberling, John Weber, and Frank Siracusa. Joyful Girl Productions, Take 5 Productions, Whizbang Films, Warner Bros. Television and CBS Television Studios are the production companies backing the historical drama.

CBS Television Distribution is the official distributor of the serial. The fictional show revolves around Mary, the Queen of Scots. It ran for four seasons which had a total of seventy-four episodes. In the first season, Mary is about to be married to her long-time beau Prince Francis They had already been engaged for the past six months when she gets caught up in the ever-changing politics. At the same time her feelings for Prince Francis were also expanding. Prince Francis's half-brother named Bash, who was a bastard, was also showering her with attention, much to her dismay. Catherine de' Medici is the mother of Prince Francis.

She learns from Nostradamus, who predicts that if Francis marries Mary than he would die. As result, Catherine de' Medici was trying to stop the wedding, but not openly. The second season traces the life of Mary and Prince Francis after the death of King Henry II. They were married to each other and were crowned the king and the queen of France. As a result, the responsibility of managing the country as well as their marriage falls upon them and at the same time, Catholics and Protestants also begin to have conflicts over religion. They also face difficulty in the form of the House of Bourbon, who aims to sit on the throne.

In the third season, it was shown that Prince Francis was getting ill and his health was deteriorating. Ultimately he dies and Mary becomes a widow. Charles, Francis's under-aged brother, becomes the king of France and Mary struggles to cope with her condition. Queen Elizabeth of England tries to take advantage of Mary's situation and plots against her. In the fourth and the last season, Mary comes back to Scotland and tries to reclaim her power in her home country. However, her half-brother, who is a bastard, attempts to plot against her. Her enemies also include Lord Bothwell and John Knox. John Knox is a preacher. Mary marries Lord Darnley, who is wants to sit on the throne of the England. As a result, Elizabeth's hatred towards Mary intensifies.


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