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English Producer ( 0 - 12 )

Himanshu Prasad

Eli Laszlo Berger

Aidan Whytock

Sunil Narkar

Michael Haro


Producer Monitors And Helps The Crew At Crisis.

The person who handles all the production related work of the film is the producer of the film. The producer monitors and approves all the tasks that are done by each of the many members in the production team. A producer is often the first person to get involved with a film and is responsible for its overall control. They also tackle the finance of the film apart from being a part of almost all the other aspects in the making of the film. The main producer appoints the executive producer and the line producer along with heading the unit production manager. They work with the director and the distributors directly.

The production house and all its internal procedures are monitored by the main producer. The executive producer mainly handles the accounts and legislation's involved in the film while the line producer works on human resources and resolves any issue that occurs at the time of production. Separate teams for pre-production, during production and post-production are created. The supervision of all the processes takes place at the production phase and the main producer is responsible for assigning roles to the individual teams.

While the pre-production phase is all about hiring the screenwriter, director and at several times look after the casting and budget as well, the post-production involves a lot of communication with the distributors and handling the promotional events.