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English Director ( 0 - 12 )

Eli Laszlo Berger

Aidan Whytock

Sunil Narkar

Mark Duplas


The Boss Of Whatever You See On-Screen

Film Director is one of the busiest people working on a film and is undoubtedly the one behind the creation of the film. Except the writing of the story, every single part of film making, minor or major, needs the involvement of the Film Director, directly or indirectly. Each aspect of the movie needs to be either created by the makers or discussed with them before giving it a shape or is approved by them after completion. The director’s job starts from the screenplay phase- screenplays are a way to preview the script as it will look on the big screen.

The person who helms the film works at the pre-production phase as well- approving all the scheduling and budgetary actions. If the film is based on a novel, the filmmaker is required to get the rights from the author for the same. There are times when a film can be ‘written and directed’ by the same person. All the legal issues and permissions are directly looked after by the filmmaker. The cast and crew’s job, in a nutshell, is to fulfil the vision of the director. In the English Film Industry, directors are often called the “Authors of the Film”. Often, directors leave it to the actors to improvise the dialogues and execute the script and hence giving them the freedom to perform; but in general, every bit of the film is carefully handled by the film director. They choose the cast and helm the creative team.