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American Sitcoms are famous for their interesting stories. They often have a crisp & to the point stories and attract the larger audience. The sitcoms feature for talented actors and their dialogues are very appropriate. The shows that feature children as their main character are very exciting to watch and these shows appeal to both kids and adults. Richie Rich is a famous American series that was launched on 20th February,2015. It continued until 22nd May,2015. It is directed by Brian Robbins and Jeff Hodsden. The show has been originated in the United States and has 2 seasons. Both the seasons have the total of 21 episodes.

The series is produced by Awesomeness TV for Netflix. The series is based on Harvey Comics and the first season consists of 10 episodes and second season has 11 episodes. The story of the serial rotates around a kid who has become a billionaire overnight. Using his talent and skills effectively, he has converted vegetables into an energy source. By doing this, he has earned a trillion dollar for himself. Richie lives in a big bungalow with all costly toys and things. Richie’s best friends are Darcy and Murray who never leave him. He also has a maid who is a robot named, Irona. Richie’s dad Cliff and sister Harper also lives with him. The show features on Richie’s daily life and is based on comedy.

The show is full of laughter and provides all round entertainment. The success of Richie is followed by his movement into the new mansion with his father and sister. Darcy and Murray are an important part of his life and he shares his victory with them. The two friends of Richie are completely opposite to each other. Darcy believes in spending money lavishly while Murray thinks that things should be in their budget. The episodes are filled with comedy and the way Richie leads his life is shown in the series. The main cast of the show include Jake Brennan as Richie Rich, Lauren Taylor as Richie’s sister, Joshua Carlon as Murray, Jenna Ortega Bio coming soon... >> Read More... as Darcy, Kiff Vanden as Cliff Rich, and Brooke Wexler as Irona (the robot maid).

Another Version Story....

Richie Rich is an English animated cartoon series produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions. It ran originally from 1980 to 1984 on ABC. The series was part of the glorious days of Hanna-Barbera which produced some of the best cartoons till date. The show is based on a comic by the same name created by Harvey Comics. Richie Rich is a 10-year-old boy who is a part of the richest family on earth. His family owns various factories and companies as a part of the Rich Industries. Richie lives in a huge mansion and owns at least two of everything. Despite being wealthy, Richie is a humble and down to earth guy.

He is kind and charitable and always ready to help people. The story focuses around Richie and his adventures. While in the comics, Richie is a 7-year-old, the TV show shows his age around 13. Richie lives in the mansion with his family, and his loyal servant – Cadbury. He also is friends with Dr. Keanbean, who routinely invents new things. He also has a robot maid named Irona whose job is to protect and serve Richie. Richie has a lot of friends, many of whom are solely attached to him due to his wealth. His friends include his crush – Gloria who he is always ready to help. Richie also owns a dog, who is named ‘Dollar.

Richie Rich is a typical cartoon show that chronicles Richie and his adventures. He is not alone and often is helped by his servants and aides – Cadbury, Dr. Keanbeen, and Gloria and his robotic maid, Irona. The adventures often include Richie and his friends on a quest to save him, his family and friends from harm. The crazy inventions of Dr. Keanbean are always useful to him. The adventures often highlight the ridiculous riches of Richie and his downright attitude despite the same. The show is made up of various segments.

These include – Richie Rich Riches, which show Richie fighting off evil guys and saving his family, Treasure Chest, which revolves around Richie’s servant Cadbury and his dog Dollar, Richie’s Gems, which are short pieces of comedy. The show ends with the Riche Rich Zillion Dollar Adventures – which show Richie in various scenarios and his fight to save his family and world from different criminals, threats to the world and sometimes aliens. Richie Rich was created in the heyday of Hanna-Barbara and is part of some of their best works ever. The show has rerun countless times after its initial broadcast and remains a fan favourite.


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