Bill Laswell

Other names of Bill Laswell: William Otis Laswell
Bill Laswell English Actor

Bill Laswell or William Otis Laswell was born in February 1955 in Salem, Illinois. He can be perfectly described as a ‘traveller’. He travelled around the world and also through the medium of his music. His music roots in the concept of ‘Collision music’. Collision music implies bringing together distinct yet complementary spheres of music and birthing a sumptuous product. These amalgamations varied not only across artists but countries and genres as well. Throughout his life, Laswell collaborated with a wealth of musicians including such discrete figures as Zakir Hussein, Mick Jagger Most of the people from 90's who have grown up >> Read More... Mick Jagger , and among many others. He also formed a crucial part of many bands like Material, Massacre, Last Exit, Painkiller, Praxis, and Divination. His music encompasses genres from Jazz and Dub styles to the more aggressive end that is hardcore punk and metal. Some of his famous songs are Nothing Is True Everything Is Permitted, Black Arc, Drop Away, and Tokyo.