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The Originals is an American television series by creator Julie Plec that started airing on The CW on October 3, 2013, by series. The series shows vampire-werewolf hybrid Klaus Michelson as he and his family become engaged in the supernatural politics of New Orleans. The Originals is a sequel of The Vampire Diaries As is evident from the name, The Vampire Diaries d >> Read More... revolving around three of the Michelson siblings: Klaus, played by Joseph Morgan Joseph Morgan is an American actor. He had named a >> Read More... , Elijah, played by Daniel Gillis, and Rebecca, played by Claire Holt   Claire Rhiannon Holtis an Australian born Ameri >> Read More... . They are called "The Originals" because they are the first vampires to exist. Klaus Michelson is a successor of a witch and a werewolf. The first season shows how Klaus's mystical child will be born and the threats that they must keep her safe.

The second season follows with the return of Klaus and his parents, and an aunt who tries to kill the baby. The third season showcases the Michelson family facing both a prophecy that spoke of their downfall, and the vampires who wanted revenge for a millennium. The fourth season takes a leap of five years, with the Michelson family coming to New Orleans and have to face an old menace set to destroy anything in its path. The fifth season which is the final of the series takes place after seven years, with Hope Michelson being a teenager at the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young and Gifted, a school for supernatural children.


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