Parker Posey, popularly known as 'Queen of the Indies’, is a musician and an actress. She got recognition through the serial “As the World Turns”. Her debut film was 'Dazed and Confused' in the year 1993. This movie is a cult classic and Parker got a good recognition as she played an important role in this film. In the 90s, she made appearances in almost thirty-two independent films. She is mostly known for her quirky roles. She also regrets that the title given to her avoids her from getting commercial movies. Till date, she has appeared in almost sixty movies and twenty-four television series. Parker has won special recognition award at Sundance film festival in the year 1997.

Apart from acting, Parker had a passion for ballet. This passion made her become a professional dancer in her early days. She is also interested in pottery. For her role in the movie 'A Mighty Wind’, Parker learned to play the Mandolin. She also mastered in vocals and she sang for some of the records of her ex- boyfriend, Ryan Adams. As for her personal life, Parker seems to be single to date. But it has also been reported that she was in a relationship with Ryan Adams, Zach Leary, Bob Gosse.

Parker is a Catholic Christian. Regarding her childhood, Parker was allergic to many things. Since she was absent- minded, her parents worried that she may be a mentally retarded person and she may have a learning disability. Parker loves to hang out with her friends in her leisure time. She loves to get busy and get completely involved in her work. For the current generation films, Parker says that she never feels satisfied, as the movies these days has lost the human touch. She's feeling completely out of the place.