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The black mirror is popular sci-fi anthology series, initially telecasted in the CW channel. Charlie Brooker is the creator of this series.  Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones are the show-runners.

The genre of this series is sci-fi, anthology, dystopia, and dark comedy. The title got the name from the reflection of the switched-off screen of any electronic device. The United Kingdom is the origin place of this show. The CW channel airs the show from 2011-2014. Later, Netflix got the license. The Netflix airs this show from 2016-present.

There are five seasons and 22 episodes. The original release dates are 4th December 2011-5th June 2019. This show was an inspiration from the Twilight Zone. The creator of this serial was able to develop many contras and interesting topics from that. Those futuristic concepts are explained in a very good manner in this serial. The series focuses on the pros and cons of the rapid growth of technology. The episode ‘San Junipero’ explains that there are chances for the scientific inventions to become a curse.

Each and every episode has it’s own theories and technologies and revolves in a separate universe. The most appreciable thing about all the episodes is that no flaws can be found out. The main cast is Bryce, Michelle, Hannah, Alex, Letitia, Crystin, Daniel, Lupert, Hayley, Jon, Lenora, Jerome, Kelly, Rorry, Tobby, Rafe and Andrew. The technologies shown are available at present and some are just concepts developed deeper to make the serial more attractive.

The technological updates have many advantages for mankind but when mishandled for selfish purposes, it turns to become a disaster. This show beautifully portrays how anxiety hits people when technology is designed for a specific purpose and does not serve it. The most inspiring episodes of this serial are San Junipero, Fifteen million merits, Playtest, Nosedive, White bear, and USS. This is a must-watch show for this generation.



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