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Aasif Mandvi English Comedian
DOB: 5 Mar 1966

Aasif Mandvi

Adam DeVine English Movie Actor
DOB: 7 Nov 1983

Adam DeVine

Adam Mckay English Director
DOB: 17 Apr 1968

Adam Mckay

Adam Sandler English Movie Actor
DOB: 9 Sep 1966

Adam Sandler

Adam Wingard English Director
DOB: 3 Dec 1982

Adam Wingard

Akiva Goldsman English Writer
DOB: 7 Jul 1962

Akiva Goldsman

Alan Goodman English Writer
DOB: 21 Feb 1953

Alan Goodman

Alan Jacobs English Writer
DOB: 1 Dec 1958

Alan Jacobs

Alan Sepinwall English Writer
DOB: 19 Oct 1973

Alan Sepinwall



Doug Hutchison English Movie Actor
Born: 26 May 1960

Age Now 64

Doug Hutchison - (Movie Actor)

John Dall English Movie Actor
Born: 26 May 1920

Lived For 50 Years

John Dall - (Movie Actor)

Duke Mitchell English Movie Actor
Born: 26 May 1926

Lived For 54 Years

Duke Mitchell - (Movie Actor)

Scott Disick English TV-Actor
Born: 26 May 1983

Age Now 41

Scott Disick - (TV-Actor)

Peter Cushing English Movie Actor
Born: 26 May 1913

Lived For 30 Years

Peter Cushing - (Movie Actor)

Lauryn Hill English Singer
Born: 26 May 1975

Age Now 49

Lauryn Hill - (Singer)


The Sequence Of Words Are A Sequence Of Stories

Writer is the person who is the originator of any written piece of work. They are imaginative and creative. For films, they would write the story or the script. Their writing can belong to any genre like romantic, comedy, drama, horror or mystery. They can write fictitious stories, or autobiographies or something completely non-fictional. They have great communicational skills and have an ability to get the reader’s attention right from the go.

Often they have a message to give with their stories- in such cases the authors need to bring in a lot of clarity in their work and make sure that their story has answered all the probable questions that may be raised by the readers. With clear characterizations and roles, the authors make smooth transitions in between the incidents that take place in a film. Narrative in their way of working, whatever the authors write may or may not be converted into a film; although there might be cases when prominent authors are hired specifically for writing the script of the movie. The writer’s job ends after handing over the script to the producer of the film- that is all about the writer’s creative involvement with the project.