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As he was growing older, he was called as "a child in a grown man's body." From a very tender age, he got teased. In the playground, his friends bullied him. Some even labeled him as an alien. Any new person will term him as "strange". But who knew that he would create a world of comedy. He entertained the global audience irrespective of their language. According to The Observer, he is one of the Top 50 British Comedians. He is well-known with his rubber-faced and alter ego, Mr. Bean. However, his real name is Rowan Atkinson.

The very fact that people know him as Mr. Bean, rather than Rowan Atkinson, is a bit difficult for anyone to introduce to people. Rowan Sebastian Atkinson, famously known as Rowan Atkinson, and much more noted with the name Mr. Bean, was born on January 6, 1965, in Consett, County Durham area of England. His father, Eric Atkinson, is a farmer, and his mother is Ella May. His siblings are Paul, Rodney, Rupert. He attended Durham Chorister School, St. Bees School. He had a degree in Electrical Engineering from New Castle University. Then, he studied his Masters in Electrical Engineering from The Queens College, Oxford. He only thought that he will settle in his life being an electrical engineer. Even from his childhood, he never thought that he can be the best comedian in the coming years.

Rowan Atkinson used to extend his hand in the Experimental Theater Club in Oxford University Dramatic Society. He met Richard Curtis Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Richard Curtis and Howard Goodall Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Howard Goodall there, being a part of UDS, and they became writer, and composer of music, respectively.

After a very brief career in radio in 1976, Rowan Atkinson appeared in the 1979 London Weekend Television's Canned Laughter. Later, he took the role in Not The Nine O’Clock News. After Mr. Bean becoming a famous figure, John Lloyd opined that they never thought that this character will rule the world of comedy in the future. He also took the role in The Blackadder series, starting in 1983, and ending with Blackadder Goes Forth, in 1989. On the eve of New Year in 1990, Rowan Atkinson appeared as Mr. Beans in Thames Television. In 1987, he entertained in Just For Laugh Comedy Festival COMEDY FESTIVAL is a reality TV show that offers a >> Read More... Comedy Festival , in Montreal. In 1997, he played the role of Mr. Bean in Mel Smith's movie, ‘Bean’. Along with Rowan Atkinson, John Mills Sir John Mills CBE was born on 22nd February 1908 >> Read More... John Mills too starred in the lead roles.

From then, Atkinson made an unbeatable career. With his rubber-faced expressions, he made the world laugh with no words. Some of his remembered works include The Lion King Click to look into! >> Read More... The Lion King , Mr. Bean’s Holiday, in 2007, and Johnny English, in 2003. He tied the knot to Sunetra Sastry in 1990. Very funnily, he is one of the Most Sexiest Actor’s Alive. Some gossips go around stating that Rowan Atkinson is practicing Gangnam Style.