Goerge Ludden is a Hollywood film actor from the United States of America. He has worked in three movies. Goerge appeared in three English films. The movies in which Ludden has worked are I am an American: The Movie, Last Moment of Clarity, and E- Preeti.

His film named “I am an American: The Movie” released in the year 2012. Goerge Ludden last appeared in a film called “E- Preeti” which released in 2018. The movie depicted the love story of Indian immigrants and Indian-Americans, raised in the USA. Goerge’s role got appreciated in this film. It was a Kannada and English movie.

George Cole English Actor

George Cole

It is rare to find someone like George Cole who has seventy years career long run. This amazing and talented actor passed away last year because of his illness. This Brit blood was an underdog who made his way in the British Cinema through his patron Alastair Sim and his abundant talent of course. Facing many hurdles in his early life, Cole lived under Alastair Sim until he was twenty-seven years old. Sim not only helped Cole by giving a roof above his head but also helped him by teaching about acting and groomed him well. For all this, Cole was grateful to him all his life.  In his seven decades full of career, Cole is mostly remembered for his role as Arthur Daley in the British Television drama series Minder which aired on 1979. Being associated with this hit show for the whole eleven series, Cole became a household name in England for his rather thriving and shrewd salesperson role of Arthur Daley. Arthur character is a used car salesman in the show who goes to great lengths to get the sale happen. He was cunning; he was manipulative and everything that is expected off of a salesman in the show. He carried on to play with this character for sixteen years, and it was very popular. Cole was seen along with Dennis Waterman, who played an honest man’s role in the show.  Cole was cast in many movies, acting even along his patron Alastair Sim as well. Cole appeared in over eleven movies with Sim in his movie career.   Cole worked with some notable actors like Lawrence Olivier in the famous film The Demi-Paradise in 1943 and was also seen working alongside Sim and Sir John Mills in Bombsight Stolen. However, Cole appeared in ‘St. Trinians’ films which also had his mentor and guide, Alastair Sim in it. Cole will always be remembered for his character Flash Harry in the St. Trinians movies. His other comic movies like Too Many Crooks and Take Me High gave him the identity of a comedy actor and highlighted his talent.  The lifelong friendship of Cole and Sim also paved the way for the audience to see them together in comedy films like Scrooge in 1951.Also to not that he has nine movies with Sim altogether. Along with the cinema, Cole’s television career was also booming. His acting skills can be seen in many cinemas and in series like The Scarecrow Of Romney Marsh in 1963 which had three parts of it, which also had actors like Patrick McGoohan in it. Cole was also seen in comic radio series, also as playing a guest star in shows like UFO and other television shows for BBC.  His constant acting gigs in movies and television series grabbed the attention of Hollywood producers and in no time, Cole was cast in the big Hollywood movie Cleopatra in 1963. We can say this was his big break in Hollywood for him. This great and unforgettable cinema Cleopatra had great names attached to it as well. Cole was seen sharing the screen with Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, and Rex Harrison. This association with the big names made Cole part of something huge and will always be remembered.  From the late 1990s, Cole was still seen in movies like Mary Riley, Dad, Station Jim, Bodily Harm among others. This artist had a full life spread out in movies and television series and also many stage productions. BBC drama New Tricks, which aired in 2003, can be called as his last memorable role he's ever played.  OBE was vested upon George Cole, i.e., Officer of the Order of the British Empire from the Sovereign of the United Kingdom in 1992 by the Queen. He joined the ranks of an officer by this honor for his excellent contribution to drama. Cole, who has been married twice in his life, has two kids each with Eileen Moore and Penny Morell. He is one of those actors who took acting career seriously in life. In his interviews, Cole was heard saying that he always wondered how his role as a wheeler-dealer as Arthur Daley was so famous. He honestly felt Daley was a crook and always got things his way. As a tribute to his death the theme song of his show Minder, ‘I could be so good for you’ was played during his funeral. Dennis, who acted along with Cole, was seen giving the eulogy. Many attended his funeral including most of his co-actors and his family. The actor who died at 90 was an orphan actually and was taken in by Sim and his wife, Naomi. Cole was more into keeping healthy relations with his family, and is a decent follower of Christianity. His friends always appreciated the dedication toward work and his humor.  Cole never intended to have such success in his life. Although he started acting at an early age of 14, he did so to escape from working for a butcher. After being trained by Sim, he learned many great things and learned skills that are important for an actor. Having come from rather a financially weak family, Cole worked very hard to get to such great stage of his life. He worked in various not so decent jobs in his childhood until he was acquainted with a small opportunity to be in a West end show. He went and gave the audition for it, and his career in acting began. Like all actors, Cole’s career too had hit a kind of dead end in the 1970s, 81980s and that is when he involved himself in some stage plays, musicals like Front Page, Captain Hook in Peterpan (1987).  George Cole has authored his autobiography called ‘The World Was My Lobster’ and got it published in 2013. He explains all his experiences with each role that he had to play and what he thought of them. It also accounts for Cole’s personal life which he usually kept to himself and his life as an actor which was like that of any other celebrity. Wishing to be with his daughter (from the first wife) was always felt by him. He managed to raise his kids alone by taking their custody. Cole will always be remembered for his iconic roles in the British entertainment industry and his passion for acting will always be well acknowledged.  Another Version Of This Bio: George Cole was adopted by a couple in Tooting, England, who worked as Tooting council and employee. This man left school at the tender age of 14 to be a butcher’s boy and aspired to be in the Navy Merchant. However, he consequently bagged a role in a touring musical and therefore, he chose acting as a career. Alastair Sim, Scottish actor immensely became fond of George after the latter starred in the movie, “Cottage to Let” at the age of 15, due to which, Sim invited the Cole family to move-in with him successfully. Meanwhile, Alastair Sim effectively made Cole lose the Cockney accent. George Cole moved out of the Sim house at the age of 27, but their unbreakable bond led to the two of them coexisting in numerous films (in totality 11 films). His career had to be put at an intervention from 1944-47 as his duty in the Royal Air Force called him, making him an impermanent radio operator. His most remembered television appearance was in the widespread Thames Television series, “Minder,” where he acted as a twisted used-car dealer. He has played roles in many more films like, “The Bounder”, “Comrade Dad”, “Dad”, “My Good Friend”, “Take Me High”, “The Demi-Paradise” and much more. However, the actor is famously known for his brilliant work in comedy films. George Cole was wedded twice, first to actress “Eileen Moore”; their marriage lasted for a span of eight years, after which they got a divorce. Then he got married to actress, Penny Morrell, and their marriage lasted for a time frame of forty-eight years. In the gloomy year 2015 (5 August 2015), George Cole died at the age of ninety due to an illness. The Minder theme song was played at the funeral and his Minder co-star, Dennis Waterman, gave a heart-touching eulogy.


Grant Gustin

Thomas Grant Gustin was born on 14 January 1990 in Norfolk in Virginia. Grant is an American Singer and Actor. Grant is best known for his portrayal of Barry Allen in the hit series “Flash” telecasted on the CW. He also played Sebastian on “Glee”, a well known FOX series. He is the Twenty-seventh most popular TV Actor. He has German, Welsh as well as Irish ancestry. Grant was born to Tom Gustin and a nurse Tina Haney. He attended Arts Program in Norfolk at the Governor's School. In the school, he learned Music Theater. He then went to a theatre organization Hurrah Players in Virginia. He graduated in 2008 and soon attended Elon University in Carolina. The program was for two years of BFA Music Theatre. In 2010, he left his school and performed with the Broadway Revival Tour from its opening. Gustin learned tap dancing at the age of eight. He joined a Community Theatre. He has done around 30 musical from age ten to High School. His best performance was “Good Morning’ with two of his friends from Elon University. He had an interest in being an architect as well because of his drawing skills. He is straight, but because of his tap dancing, he was gay bashed at school. He was different from his classmates and didn't hang out with them or play sports. It was a hard time for him.Gustin auditioned for the “Hunger Games” series for the role of Finnick Odair. However, he lost the role to ‘Sam Clafin’. His first break came in 2006 where he played the role of Thomas, Stacy's Boyfriend in “A Haunting”. He got fame from his recurring role on Glee, as Sebastian Smythe. Glee is a television series where he appeared in seven recurring roles in 2011-13. He played an openly gay member of Dalton Academy Warblers as well as the third main villain. Gustin had initially auditioned for the role of a tap dancer on Glee. However, he got the part of Sebastian, courtesy of 'Ryan Murphy', the co-creator of the show. Gustin also appeared on CSI: Miami in 2012. He played Trent Burton/Scott Ferris on the Terminal episode named Velocity. He went on to play the role of Chris Stewart in the Television film A Mother's Nightmare. The film is a Lifetime Network project, starring ‘Jessica Lowndes’ and ‘Annabeth Gish’. Later in 2013, he was landed a role in “90210” for eight episodes. Gustin is said to be in a relationship with dancer ‘Hannah Douglass’. Hannah appeared on Glee: The 3d Concert Movie. Though they both started seeing each other in 2011, their relationship was never in the open. Hannah also worked as the back-up dancer of the Pop Singer 'Beyonce' and has appeared in “Iron Man 2”. They formally came into a relationship in 2014. His life changed for good on 3 September 2013. He got the role of Barry Allen in Arrow's season 2. In Arrow, he played the superhero in seven episodes. He was initially supposed to appear in only three episodes. However, his character's fame bought the most successful phase of his career. He got selected as the lead in The Flash series. His role of Barry Allen in Arrow continued in the show, which premiered in 2014.  The series premiere was supposed to have thirteen episodes. However, it premiered with 4.8 million viewers. It broke The CW's previous record of any premieres in the past five years. This success led to an increase in the number of episodes from thirteen to twenty-three. On 11 January 2015, the show announced its second season. On 11 March 2016, Flash got its third-year renewal. Gustin made a guest appearance in Supergirl as Barry Allen. He won Teens Choice Awards for Breakout Star in 2015 for The Flash. He got nominated for many more awards. He has more than 728000 followers on Twitter. In 2016, Gustin announced his upcoming movie Krystal where he will work for ‘William H. Macy’. Another Version Of This Bio: Grant Gustin (also known as Thomas Grant Gustin) is an American singer and actor who is well-known for his fantastic role as Barry Allen in the CW series, “The Flash”. He was born in Norfolk, Virginia to parents, Tina Haney, who is a paediatric nurse, and Tom Gustin. It is quite clear that Grant Gustin had a keen passion for musicals and theatres as during his high school years, he attended “Governor’s School for the Arts” programme for Musical Theatre and went to “Hurray Players Incorporated”, which is once again a theatre administration. After successful graduation in the year 2008, Gustin went to attend “BFA Music Theater Programme” at Elton University for two years. From September 2010 to September 2011, Grant Gustin performed the role of “Baby John” in “The West Side Story”, for which he specially left the school. His debut as an openly homosexual member, Sebastien Smythe in the Fox Series, “Glee” was well-received in the year 2011. Apart from landing the role in an independent film, “Affluenza”, Gustin also began filming for the movie, “A Mother’s Nightmare” in the later part of the year 2012, co-starring, “Annabeth Gish” and “Jessica Lowndes”. In the year 2013, it was enunciated that Gustin would be playing the role of Barry Allen in the television series, “The Flash”. Initially it was supposed to be a series of mere thirteen episodes; however, after the exceptionally well-reception of the show at a viewer rate of 4.8 million, the number of episodes were extended to an entire season of twenty-three episodes. In the year 2015, the show’s second season was given a renewal confirmation and further in the year 2016, the show’s third season was also given a renewal confirmation. On March 30, 2016, it was claimed that Gustin would be starring in an upcoming film, “Krystal” by William H. Macy.

Grant Gustin English Actor