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English Comedian ( 0 - 12 )

Keith Lucas

Kenneth Lucas

Daniel Kaluuya

CS Lee

Amy Hill

Rob Riggle

Eric Stonestreet

Dara O Briain

Scott Adsit


Everyone Loves To Laugh And Are Fond Of Comedians

A comedian is a hardcore entertainer who writes and performs routines, which is designed to make people laugh. Comedian uses different types of comedy to evoke laughter, which include prop comedy, stand-up comedy, impersonation and slapstick. Some of them specialize in one particular type of routine whereas others may use combination in their acts. A stand-up comedy is the most familiar ones to the people. Stand-up comedy is one, which the comedian comes in front of the audience and crack jokes, stories and punch lines to make the audience laugh.

Some comedian invoke’s laughter by making fun of themselves, politics or life experiences. Other entertains the crowd by good-natured insulting the member of the audience. Comedians may also use slapstick comedy in their routines. Slapstick includes silly and exaggerated physical tripping, faux hitting and falling. Clowns usually practice this as primary part of their performances. Whatever type of comedy a comedian chooses to perform their goal is to make audience laugh. Many comedians write their own material and some hire others to write for them.