English Voice Over Artist ( 0 - 12 )

Gregg Berger

Wally Wingert

Kiernan Shipka

Lilly Bartlam

Shayle Simons

Samuel Faraci

Justin Paul Kelly


Hear What You Can't See

Voice over is a technique where the voice which is not a part of the narrative is used in a radio, television, or film production. There are specialised artists known as the voice over artists who speak these lines- they are to strictly follow a script. The voice-over artists are a part of the show or film to narrate a story at the background or for translations of commercials or for the dubbing purposes. The voice-over artists need to have a great command over the language that they voice in.

They have a clear voice and distinct pronunciation. With impeccable articulation, one important skill of a good voice-over artist is their consistency- they are consistent in their volume, energy, characterizations, and pacing. They understand the script well and hence are able to emote precisely without even coming in front of the camera. They have a very unique talent of cold reading which helps in long term narrations and saves a lot of recording and editing time. Excellent cold readers are undoubtedly the better lot of eye-mouth-brain coordinators. Fluency in the language is a must have, along with voice modulation that helps in characterizations. They have the ability to control their volume, pace, and energy so that their narration don’t get monotonous.