The Untold Story Of The World’s Best Comedians

The Untold Story Of The World’s Best Comedians English Article

It is a saying that ‘the funniest people seem to be the ones to be surrounded by darkness,’ so here we reveal the story and struggles behind the famous comedians.

1. Charles Chaplin

Charles Spencer Chaplin, one of the biggest comic artists of all time. A naturally talented versatile actor, whose journey to fame was not easy. His life was miserable due to poverty and he had to work in a workhouse when he was just seven years old. Later he was also sent to a charity institution when his mother was suffering from mental disorders and was sent to an asylum while his father was an alcoholic, and his life was going worse than miserable till his parents died. But he was born with a talent and nothing in these situations could make him fail. It just made him stronger by which he got into the theater shows, and he impressed the crowd with his immense comedy acts which his mother had taught him. After which the rest is history as he is considered the legend of comedy.

2. Jim Carrey

James Eugene Carrey, another comedian from Hollywood who is well-known for his comic timings and great acting. Most of us do not know the struggles he went through to reach this high, as his life started with a rough beginning. In his school days, he did not have friends because he was a quiet boy, but later Jim Carrey learned about his ability to make friends when he made them laugh with his jokes and acts. He enjoyed mimicking and making weird faces looking through the mirror. He also suffered from dyslexia, which he overcame. Another hurdle was money, because of which he quit his school and after which his hard work and dedication brought him to where he is proudly standing today. He always believed in Magic, and it did happen to him.

3. Robin Williams

One of the most talented and memorable comedians, who can never be replaced by any other. Though the way he ended his life was a tragedy. He never saw the world the way the whole world saw him, as he was struggling with disorders of self-hatred and self-destruction, depression and addiction as well. He was adorned by all as he was larger than life, and he could shut up any comedian. Even while he struggle, he did not let it affect his work, as he gave the best contributions to the industry which cannot be forgotten.

4. Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean)

The great actor who is known by his show name mostly, i.e., Mr. Bean. He grew up in an ordinary family, where due to traditional reasons they did not have a television. After he grew 12 years old, they bought a television in their house, and that is where he found his happiness, where he watched and imitated Monty Python. But what made him unique was his non-verbal comedy which led to the discovery of his talent, and to is amusement he was a shy person and would only open up in front of close friends. As a profession, he wanted to take up engineering and mechanics but as there is a saying ‘what has to happen will happen’ and so later his hilarious non-verbal acts became famous after which his life’s milestone “Mr. Bean” brought him unbelievable fame and now it is no more looking back.

5. Kapil Sharma

The last but not the least Kapil Sharma, an Indian comedian who is now a proud producer and host of his show which is widely loved 'Comedy Nights with Kapil' and also a role model to many. But this fame and prosperity was not wearisome for him, as he was brought up in a middle-class family where his father worked as a head constable at the police station and because of which he had to spent his leisure time at the headquarters. To earn his pocket money, he worked in a part-time job at a phone-booth after his class 10. His interest was in acting in theatres where he struggled for ten years. After his father’s sudden demise due to cancer, he had to take the responsibility of his family, and because of which his motivation and hard work became double. Finally in 2007, he won a television show “The Great Indian Laughter Challenge 1” after which his luck changed. Fame knocked on his doors and now he is one of India’s best comedians till date.

6. Russell Peters

The Anglo-Indian stand-up comedian, Russell Peters from Toronto. One of the most popular and best selling comic artists worldwide but to reach this top, it was not easy. In school he was a victim of bullying, as he belonged to an Indian descent, he was bullied around. But to stop this, he developed himself and learned boxing, which helped him. His videos got viral, because of which he gained fame and now he is standing as the most favourite comedian of youngsters today.

7. Eddie Murphy

The famous Hollywood actor Eddie Murphy, who is known for his comic acts and funny expressions. His life struggle was not simple, as he grew up in a broken family where his parents got divorced and later his father died while his mother married a foreman. Eddie Murphy did not let these situations affect him. He loved watching television, from which he learned the skill of making expressions, and since his school-days he started appearing at local stand-up shows at different bars and clubs. He was a part of many popular shows but as an extra. One night due to no material, the producers pushed him before the camera and the viewers loved him. Since then fame touched his feet, which brought him on the big screen as well where he was and is a big hit.

8. Johnny Lever

Johnny Lever, India’s most popular comic actor. He was a class 7 school dropout, due to financial problems as he belonged to a poor family. He lived in one of the huts at Dharavi, which is one of the biggest slums of Asia. He worked as a labour and also sold pens on streets. He got his last name ‘Lever’ after working in Hindustan Lever Ltd. Plant. But he loved mimicking, even though he never thought of becoming a mimicry artist and so his talent found him. He started with small local shows, where everyone enjoyed his acts and got noticed by many producers because of which he got his biggest break in ‘Baazigar’. And since then no one could match up to his great acting in Bollywood.

9. Arshad Warsi

Arshad Warsi, the actor who is known mostly for his hilarious acting and widely known as ‘Circuit’. But nobody knows the tragedies he has gone through to reach this stage, his parents died at the age of 14, leaving him all alone. He was also a high school drop out after class 10. To earn his living in Mumbai, he had to struggle; Arshad Warsi sold cosmetics door to door as a salesman, and worked in a photo lab. But his interest was in dancing, as he got an offer to join a dance academy, and he joined the ‘Akbar Sami’s Dance Group’. He won many titles for his passionate dancing and then he opened his dance studio ‘Awesome.’ Later, he got an offer by Jaya Bachchan to be a part of a Bollywood movie and this is how he stepped onto the big screen. But it was after ‘Munna Bhai M.B.B.S.’ that he received applause and also got awarded for his awesome comic acts.

10. Bill Cosby

The actor and comedian Bill Cosby is another artist, who has faced the bad phase of life which we do not know. His mother was a maid and his father worked in the US Navy as a mess steward. Due to this his family was not financially strong, so to help them, he worked during his school days; he sold products, polished shoes, and helped in the supermarket. He was known as the clown of the class as he always made his classmates laugh, but he failed in the 10th grade and immediately he got a job at a shoe repair shop. Later he also joined the Navy like his father, but he moved from that to a bar as a bartender, where he showcased his talent of making people laugh while serving and this gained attention towards him. He loved making people laugh and felt proud of it, so he took it to the stage and continued to perform at bars, clubs and cafes. Later on, he got national exposure which bought him into bigger shows and contracts. And finally he reached in one of the best comedians list.