Robert Knepper English Actor

Robert Lyle Knepper was born on 8th July 1959, in Fremont, The United States to Pat Deck and Donald Knepper. He belongs to the Germanic Ancestry. He was brought up in a city small town of Ohio, located near Toledo. Both his parents were Veterinary surgeons. However, his mother remained highly active at the Community Theater.

He did his schooling from Maumee High School in 1977 and further enrolled himself to study Drama at Northwestern University. He devoted his youth entirely to the Productions of High School and Community Theater. During his graduation, Chicago offered him an opportunity to play professional roles. With the due completion of his degree, he further went to New York City to work and establish himself in American Theater Industry. Knepper never aimed to work with movie projects but took up his career in the field of Theater and Cinema in the year 1986. His first T.V. series was the show titled, "The Paper Chase", where he played the role of Howard. The Same year he did his first film named," That's life", playing the character of Steve Irwin.

In 1987, he did a movie Wild Thing playing the main lead.In a film, titled"Made in Heaven," he played the character of Orrin. The same year did shoot for some of Television shows, for Instance, the Tour of Duty, The Twilight Zone, and Star Trek Click to look into! >> Read More... Star Trek . 1988, He did a centric crime thriller, D.O.A, which was a remake of the past. He was roped in for a supporting role of Nicholas Lang. 1989, Renegades, was an action movie. Knepper played by the character of Marino. In 1990, he appeared in the featured short film named Arduous Moon, like Andrew. Subsequently, he made his appearance on the Film, Young Guns II, which was a Westernized project. Knepper played the role of Deputy Carlyle. The 1991 movie, Session Man, was a debut short film where Knepper played the character of Torrey Cole. He premiered in a television film," Perry Mason Serial Story Coming Soon... >> Read More... Perry Mason " playing the role of Kim Weatherly. His project," Where the day takes you", released in 1991. He was roped in to play the character of a Rock Singer.

He worked on multiple projects during the ending years of the 20th Century. He debuted in Zelda that released on Television 1993. He played the character of Wilson. The same year he featured in "When the Bough Breaks." Here, he acted as Lt. Jimmy. Getting Out was a 1994 release, which roped in Robert to play the role of Carl. 1994 "Under the heat" was a feature film that portrayed Robert in the role of Milo. In 1995, his film, Search, and Destroy released. He played the role of Daniel Strong.A supernatural film based on past life, Voice from the Grave, premiered in 1996. Robert played the character of Milosh. The same year another romantic film released titled, "Everyone says I love you". He played an active personality. With the onset of the 21st Century, he grew more and more popular.

In 2001, he did a film, "Lady in the box" playing the lead role of Chris Stark. In 2002, he featured in a Television Film named, "The Pennsylvania Miner's Story" where he opted for the role of Mark Popernack. 2004, Species III, video roped him to play the character of Dr. Abbot. In 2005, he did the dual films, Good Night and Good Luck Click to look into! >> Read More... Good Luck , and Hostage. He played the role of Don Surine in the former and Will Bechler in the latter. He made his debut in the film," Hitman" of 2007 where Knepper characterized in the role of Yuri Marklov. In 2008, he featured in Transporter 3, in the role of Johnson. Subsequently, he did a fiction- scientific film, named "the day Earth stood still". Here he played the character of a Colonel. In 2010, he made his debut in the movie, "Burning Daylight." The 2011 film, Earth's Final Hours featured him in the character of John Stritch. It aired on the television. "My way," which released in 2012, roped in Knepper in the role of Frank Sinatra. He was selected to do a movie framed on the Navy Seals Attack on Abbottabad, Pakistan to kill the mastermind behind 9/11 Terror Attacks, Osama Bin Laden. He made his debut in the movie, "The Raid on Osama Bin Laden" where he executed the role of a Lieutenant Commander. It premiered on Television. This film fetched Knepper glory and fame and brought him to the Spotlight of the World. In 2013, he featured in the film, "Sea of Monsters", based on the story of Percy Jackson's Novel with the same title. He also featured in the Hunger Games Series1 playing the role of Antonius, that released in 2014. He also made his appearance in the movie, Ride, playing the character of Peter. 2015, Hunger Games Series Part 2 roped in the actor for performing an extended role of the first series, playing the same character, Antonius. This year he is working on his upcoming projects namely Jack Reacher Click to look into! >> Read More... Jack Reacher : Never Go Back. He will be playing the lead role.

He is a renowned and famous actor most well-known for his role as Theodore Bagwell in the Fox Drama Sequel and television series called Prison Break that aired from 2005 to 2009. The distinct and dynamic roles he takes up reflect the Vitality of his personality. He has cast himself in crime scenes, action, thriller, science fiction, drama and romantic roles too. He is a prosperous actor of the American Film Industry.