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“I am strong enough, I have the courage to do it, you’ve got to just like, dream bigger for once”. - Donald Glover

Donald Glover is one among eight actors who changed and turned TV into a beautiful art. Lover of New York Time Magazine was born on 25th September 1983 at Edwards Air force Base in California but moved to Stone Mountain, Georgia is an American writer, an actor, voice actor, comedian, songwriter, record producer and singer of Hollywood world. Retired postal worker Donald SR and Daycare provider Beverly Smith were blessed to have a Glover in their life in the month of September 1983.

Donald, who is a big fan of 'Michael Jackson, ’ always wants a black girl not white. He started his education first from DeKalb Schools of Arts and then later education of dramatic writing from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts in 2006. The actor who meant acting is an art and Fun started his journey with the Derrick’s Comedy, then he skipped and started doing Internet Sketching, but he was not happy to do all that stuff, and then he got kick in writing and wrote for NBC comedy series “30 Rock” after that he has done starring his best-known role as a Troy Bames in “Community” (2009-2014).

To increase TRP of the own channel, every channel wanted to broadcast half-hour show of community on their channels but Glover selected Fx channel to broadcast it because they were managing with his hectic touring schedules. Donald Glover, who also known as 'Childish Gambino', thought that to become a Rapper is the worst idea but he didn’t know that this thing will work greatly and beautifully. Donald born for fame and stardom mentioned in one interview that he loves to do characters with that people grew up daily and used to make anything whatever he felt at that moment to do. He is the real star of ‘ Ridley Scott Sir Ridley Scott is a British film producer and a >> Read More... ’s’ “ The Martian Click to look into! >> Read More... ” as a genius astrophysicist that was space epic TV series for that he learnt science and found difficulties to perform best and starred along with Jessica Chastain Jessica Chastain aka Jessica Michelle Chastain is >> Read More... , Michael Pena, Sebastian Stan Sebastian Stan is an actor of Romanian-American de >> Read More... , etc.

He was the person who will give justice to role of ‘Peter Parker’ in “The Amazing Spiderman” according to audience who started putting posts on Twitter with hashtag ‘#Donald 4 spider’ and suggested to fit Donald for Stanley’s amazing film “The Amazing Spider man” for that he also got credit and appreciation from ‘Bricen Michael’ for influencing new hero’s looks. He is presently working in “Ultimate Spider-Man” and filming “ATLANTA” (2013) also.

Glover introduced his independent album “Sick Boi” on 5 June 2008 and “Poindexter” on 27 June 2009, then in early 2010, he again introduces mix tapes “I am just a Rapper” and second album on later July 2, 2010, and albums that were released later but made people crazy for rapping such as “Love letter in an unbreakable bottle” and “utterances of the heart”. He made a prestigious appearance on 19 March 2010 in “Comedy Central”. His

“I AM DONALD TOUR” started on April 16 from ‘AMES’ made 24 stops in 34 days and journey finished with the stop at ‘Minneapolis’ on May 19. Glover’s name was in the list of nominees for best rap album for “Because the Internet” and Best Rap performance For Donald’s single official “3005” in two Grammy award ceremonies. He rewarded by MTV Woodies award on 21 March 2015 for best video album songs “Kauai” and on February 2009 earned Writers Guild OF America Award for “30 rock” as a best comedy series. This black guy touched the heights of success with his raps, mind-blowing performance in “The Amazing Spider man” film and made people laugh when they sit to watch comedy series “30 rock”.


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