10 Easter Eggs In TV Series English Article

10. “ Breaking Bad Season 1”, “ Breaking Bad Season 2”, “Breaking Bad Season 6”, “ Breaking Bad Season 4”, “ Breaking Bad Season 5

In the Season 5 of Breaking Bad, Walt rolls a barrel of money through the desert right past the pants he lost in the pilot. In the pilot, Walter White buys a Winnebago and drives out to the desert. Then he strips down to his underwear, hangs his clothes on the side view mirror of his RV, and starts cooking meth.

9. “ The Walking Dead Season 1”, “ The Walking Dead Season 2”, “ The Walking Dead Season 3”, “ The Walking Dead Season 4”, “ The Walking Dead Season 5”, “ The Walking Dead Season 6

The protagonists in the hit series, “The Walking Dead” are surprised by cannibals in the city of Terminus. But they shouldn’t have been. Just five episodes before, Michonne is exploring a house and finds a painting covered in blood. The woman in the painting looks exactly like Mary, the woman who greets Rick, Carl, Michonne, and Daryl when they enter Terminus.

8. The Simpsons

Except for God and Jesus, all other characters on The Simpsons have four fingers. The producer of the show says he doesn’t know the reason.

7. “ How I Met Your Mother Season 1”, “ How I Met Your Mother Season 2”, “ How I Met Your Mother Season 3”, “ How I Met Your Mother Season 4”, “ How I Met Your Mother Season 5”, “ How I Met Your Mother Season 6

In season 6 of How I Met Your Mother, Marshall’s father dies. And the episode counts down to his death, with actual numbers. It starts with the number 50 on a brochure, which switches to 49 in the next scene, then there’s a 48 on a bottle. The countdown continues on magazine covers, newspapers, and so on until the final number 001 appears on a taxi. And then there’s a parking meter that says “expired.”

6. “ Game Of Thrones Season 1”, “ Game Of Thrones Season 2”, “ Game Of Thrones Season 3”, “ Game Of Thrones Season 4”, “ Game Of Thrones Season 5”, “ Game Of Thrones Season 6

Lord Petyr Baelish, AKA Little finger, is a minor lord in Game of Thrones. He predicted the deaths of three major characters with one dialogue-“People die at their dinner tables and they die in their beds, and they die squatting over their chamber pots.” Shae died in bed, Joffrey Baratheon died at his wedding feast and Tywin Lannister died in his chamber pot.

5. ' Friends'

Ever wonder how the friends always get the couch? It’s because they’ve got a standing reservation. If you look closely at the table in front of the couch at Central Perk, there’s a sign that says “Reserved.” Considering that the couch takes up 2/3 of the space in the coffee shop, it’s a good thing they’re there often.

4. Firefly

Fans of the hit show Firefly were shocked to learn that Inara was dying. But her illness was shown in the first episode. In that episode, the Firefly crew runs into Reavers- a gang of cannibals. Inara goes to her quarters and looks at a box with a syringe in it. According to actress Morena Baccarin, that box contained her medicine.

3. Star Trek

George Takei guest starred as Kaito Nakamura on Heroes. And the license plate on his car was NCC 1701. NCC-1701 is the registry number of the Starship Enterprise, the Star Trek vessel where Takei starred as Hikaru Sulu.

2. Futurama

In season 5, we learn that Futurama’s Fry was pushed into the cryo tube by Nibbler. But that plot twist was right there in the pilot. If you watch the scene where Fry stumbles backwards and falls into cryo-freeze, you can clearly see Nibbler’s shadow.

1. Community

During each of the first three seasons of Community, a cast member said “Beetle juice,” once. The third time, he showed up. In Beetle juice, the movie, the title character would only appear if somebody said his name aloud three times.