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Born as Denzel Hayes Washington, Jr. on December 28th 1954 in New York Click to look into! >> Read More... - U.S. Denzel is one the most high-paid Hollywood stars  and made great impact right away as African-American to make biggest hits in entertainment industry.

He made his first film in 1974 but gained popularity in the 1989 movie “Glory.” He played the role “Pvt. Silas Trip,” this is a civil war drama movie as he brought to life his charisma and won the hearts of viewers as he engages in the African-American infantry alongside Morgan Freeman One of his notable films “The Shawshank Redemption >> Read More... . He made power house performance as he exploits the character of Malcolm X in the biographical movie-drama “Malcolm X” in 1992. He convinced us that he is a great lawyer when he exploited the character of Tom Hanks I quote his famous line “Mama always said life was >> Read More... as a homosexual inflicted with AIDS in the movie “Philadelphia” in 1993. As second in command in a submarine in “Crimson Tide” in 1995, he made a great confrontation with Gene Hackman Eugene Allen Gene Hackman was born on 30th Jan 193 >> Read More... as they clashes with the enemy’s submarine. Playing the role of Rubin Carter is quite a challenge for him. The character was charge triple murder and convinced us that he had suffered enough inside jail for 30 years in the movie “The Hurricane” in 1999. He as a coach made powerful and soul reviving speeches as he encourages a football team to unite and ignore their difference in the movie “Remember the Titans” in 2009. He secured the nod of having an award in the movie “ Training Day Training day is an American TV show aired on CBS’ >> Read More... ” in 2001. His character defied all of his acts, alongside with Ethan Hawke Ethan Green Hawke is a Hollywood actor, director, >> Read More... , Det. Harris (Denzel) made a convincing role as a corrupt police in the community and taking his unconvinced protégé to one whole day training. He made a convincing negotiator in the 2006 movie hit “Inside Man.” 

He made a great deal of entanglement with Russell Crowe “Are you not entertained?” This is his notorious B >> Read More... as the criminal and mobster Frank Lucas in the 2007 movie “American Gangster. No one could land that plane like he did in the 2012 movie “Flight.” As reluctant Captain Whip Whitaker, he made a great decision to save his passengers for his negligence that he crash landed the plane while sleeping during his flight caused by his extreme addiction and vices consumption. He made also the train-rectifying hostage drama movie “Taking of Pelham 123” with John Travolta John Travolta is a true legendary figure as he was >> Read More... in 2009. He made a great preach in the bible verse “as I walk through the Valley of Death…” in the movie “The Book of Eli” in2010. He gave another monumental performance in the movie “Unstoppable.” A story of a near-resigned-fired train-driver he saves the lives of the nearby communities as he extremely let the train pass through a dangerous curve while carrying toxic chemicals. He gave his unstoppable skills in the movie “ The Equalizer Click to look into! >> Read More... ” as a fake-dead FBI agent and hid under the name of Robert McCall as he avenges his local bar chat-friend teenager prostitute from the local mobsters. This is similar to “Batman” series but in this case, McCall appeared without any masks.


Born: 4 March 1954

Age Now 70

Catherine O Hara - (Movie Actress)

Born: 4 March 1958

Age Now 66

Patricia Heaton - (Movie Actress)

Born: 4 March 1963

Age Now 61

Daniel Roebuck - (TV-Actor)

Born: 4 March 1947

Age Now 77

David Franzoni - (Writer)

Born: 4 March 1982

Age Now 42

Hallock Beals - (Movie Actor)

Born: 4 March 1957

Age Now 67

Steve Skrovan - (Producer)

Born: 4 March 1991

Age Now 33

Pip Andersen - (Movie Actor)

Born: 4 March 1967

Age Now 57

Sam Taylor Johnson - (Director)