The Top 10 Biopics of Hollywood

The Top 10 Biopics of Hollywood English Article

Hollywood films are an inspiration worldwide in many ways. By and large, they have touched films of different genres with near perfection. The performance of the artists, along with the technical finesse, is indeed commendable in many Hollywood flicks. And when it comes to biopics, it is indeed a tightrope walk for the filmmaker to do justice to the real life. Here is a list of the best 10 Hollywood biopics, that have struck the right chord with the audience. 

Born on the Fourth of July 

The life of the noble-hearted Vietnam veteran Ron Kovic is presented in this flick in a convincing manner. Tom Cruise, as usual, does an outstanding job. The length of the film is no hindrance since it has a power-packed presentation.

Raging Bull

This biopic is inspired by the life of the 1940s middleweight boxing star Jake La Motta. ' Robert De Niro' is just stunning in his portrayal of the champion. Joe Pesci, as Robert’s annoyed brother, too had done a wonderful job.

A Beautiful Mind

Many may know that John Forbes Nash is a gifted mathematician. Director 'Ron Howard' presented us his talented life that was otherwise hampered by mental illness. 


Mahatma Gandhi is no doubt an inspiration to everyone. He doesn’t believe in violence for violence and is a peace lover. And when his ideals are shown in a film in a realistic manner, it should be applauded. Director Richard Attenborough and actor ' Ben Kingsley' have given an exemplary work in the biopic Gandhi.

A Mighty Heart

There is a sense of unique composure in this film that draws the audience to it. The kidnapping of Wall Street Journal’s journalist Daniel Pearl, who was later executed in Karachi, is dealt with great maturity in this flick. The performance of Angelina Jolie is undoubtedly one of her career's best, and she virtually lives the role of Mariane Pearl. Even the journalist pals, Pakistani cops and security service officials do a great job in this biopic.

Malcolm X

This is an epic biopic on the life of the human rights leader advocate Malcolm X. This flick should be applauded for the neutrality in which it handled the subject. Denzel Washington gives a flawless performance as the controversial civic rights leader. Even Angela Bassett, Albert Hall and Al Freeman Jr. fit the bill to the T.

The Aviator

Leonardo DiCaprio has given a powerpacked performance as the aviator business magnet Howard Hughe, in this Mortene Scorcese flick. The flick is quite engaging despite its flaws.

Schindler’s List

Steven Spielberg is one director who is known for his total lack of inhibition in some of his films. There is some blatant and naïve reality in his flicks. There is long duration, no big stars, black-and-white presentation..doesn’t this sound dull? But this film does an impeccable presentation of the life of the greedy German businessman Oskar Schindler, who surprisingly turns into a man of conscience.

The Social Network

This film, dealing with the inception of Facebook and the deserving credit for its inception, is indeed a topnotch one. Jesse Eisenberg as Mark Zuckerberg has given a performance that would give many actors a run for the money.


The life of talented composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is beautifully presented in this flick. This movie is near perfect regarding direction and acting. F Murray Abraham's performance as the gifted composer, who is in the movie is just flawless. And not to miss Forman's exemplary direction.