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John Travolta is a true legendary figure as he was listed in “Living Legends of Aviation” in 2007 along with Tom Cruise One of Hollywood’s best; Built his name in enterta >> Read More... and Morgan Freeman One of his notable films “The Shawshank Redemption >> Read More... . An actor, singer, producer, ambassador for Qantas-endorser, a pilot and owner of 5 jets and with his own runway for the planes and taxi route. He became more famous naming Princess Diana of Wales’ dress as “Travolta Dress,” while they are dancing at the White House.

He was born from New Jersey - U.S. as John Joseph Travolta on February 18, 1954. He does have 5 other siblings. He married Kelly Preston Kelly Preston was born in Hawaii, U.S. on 13th Oct >> Read More... in 1991 and had 3 children. He first made his debut film in 2 of his 1975 films entitled “The Tenth Level” a TV-Movie and “The Devil’s Rain.” He made 2 additional films in 1976 “The Boy in the Plastic Bubble” and his playful-bully-role for “ Carrie Click to look into! >> Read More... ” as Billy Nolan.

He gained vast limelight in his immortal-unforgettable “Saturday Night Fever” where he won “Best Actor” from National Board of Review Award. This was followed by World Film Favorite Actor from Henrietta Award for his 1978 film “Grease.” He got numerous awards for his 1994 film “Pulp Fiction” including David di Donatello’s Best Foreign Actor, Actor of the Year from London Critics Circle, Best Actor from Los Angeles Film Critics and Stockholm International Film Festival. In 1995 he won Funniest Actor Award for the movie “Get Shorty.” He also co-starred with Christian Slater He joined the ranks with Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt >> Read More... in 1996 action film “Broken Arrow” and bagged Best Villain and Best Fight from MTV Movie Awards. Who will ever forget his peak-tandem with Nicolas Cage “You know I can eat peaches for hours…” This is on >> Read More... in 1997 action movie “Face/Off” as Sean Archer” and won Best On-Screen Duo from MTV Movie Awards. He received Special Achievement Award for Outstanding Ensemble as Brig. Gen. Quintard for the acclaimed movie “The Thin Red Line.” He made a comeback blockbuster “Hairspray” in 2007 after featuring in various films and received Best Cast from Broadcast Film Critics and Ensemble of the year and Actor of the Year from Hollywood Film Festival. He made another movie with Denzel Washington Born as Denzel Hayes Washington, Jr. on December 2 >> Read More... for the movie “The Taking of Pelham 123” and action-suspense “From Paris with Love” with Jonathan Myers. He made a record braking blockbuster movie called “ Killing Season Click to look into! >> Read More... ” with Robert De Niro A legendary actor and one of the most influential >> Read More... . He also starred for the 2014 movie “ The Forger Click to look into! >> Read More... ”, he played the role Eddie for “Criminal Activities”, the 2015 movie “In a Valley of Violence” as The Marshal and his upcoming movie in 2016 “I Am Wrath.”


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