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James “Jim” Broadbent is a renowned actor who has worked in theaters and television and has established himself in the English films as well. He was born on 24 may 1949 in Lincolnshire to parents Roy and Doreen  ”Dee”

 Broadbent who both are amateur actors. Seeing his parents act was the driving factor for him as they were passionate about acting. With London Academy of Music and Arts being the Alma Mater of this talented personality,

Broadbent has given some really exceptional performances of which this Academy would be proud of.

Some of the quotable movies of Broadbent include The Hit(1984), Time Bandits(1981),  Doctor Who: the Curse of Fatal Death(1999), Iris(2002) (for which he won an Oscar), Bridget Jone’s Diary, and Gangs of New York Click to look into! >> Read More... . And who can forget his role as Professor Horace Slughorn in the last three installments of Harry Potter series!

Broadbent is known to be very selective about the roles he is taking up in movies or in any other visual art.  In fact, he turned down many offers.

Jim Broadbent has quite a knack for portraying a character perfectly as is evident from his greatest hits. When he was filming “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” he had not got that much of an act to boast about, but his director Steven Spielberg Steven Spielberg is an American producer, director >> Read More... recalls that he left no stone unturned in polishing his act which eventually embellished the overall movie.

Jim Broadbent has a long way to go even after crossing halfway down; at the 60s too he has the fire in the belly for producing award-winning roles.


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