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He is a well- known actor, director, and comedian from America. He is the son of Arthur and Arlene Coleman-Schwimmer. His birthplace is Flushing, Queens, New York City. He was raised in Los Angeles, California where Schwimmer first found his love for acting. He had his first experience of acting at the age of 10 where he had to act as a fairy godmother in the Jewish version of Cinderella. As both his parents being attorneys they had to move a lot for work purpose.

During his schooling at Beverly Hills, Schwimmer deviated more towards acting with the support of his drama teacher. He wanted to pursue acting directly after the school but his parents were adamant on having a secure career for him, which made him move to Chicago to attend Northwestern University. He graduated in the year 1988, with the Bachelor of Arts degree in theater and speech. Schwimmer made his first debut as a supporting role in the ABC television movie ‘The Deadly Silence’ in the year 1989. After his first debut, he continued working for series like L.A. Law, The Wonder Years and much more which hardly gave him any recognition until in 1994 when Schwimmer was cast as Ross Geller in one of the most popular situational comedy series ‘FRIENDS’.

This was a life changing opportunity for Schwimmer as his acting talents were perfectly showcased through the series and also gave him worldwide recognition .He even got nominated in the category of an Outstanding Supporting Actor in the Comedy Series for Emmy Awards. After Friends, Schwimmer starred in many more movies and drama series like Duane Hopwood, and also he gave voice to the character Melman, which is a hypochondriac giraffe in the animated movie Madagascar (2005). Schwimmer made his first debut as a director in the year 2007 with the film ‘Run Fatboy Run’ which stars actor Simon Pegg Simon Pegg is an English actor, producer, screenwr >> Read More... Simon Pegg , which went unsuccessful and had a very bad review.

The New York Daily Times rated it with one and a half stars out of five. Schwimmer was nominated in the category of the Best Debut Director for the British Independent Film Award. Later he starred in many series like Entourage, Come Fly with me, Web Therapy, 30 Rock and much more. Schwimmer will now be starring in the latest British Comedy ‘Morning Has Broken’, a show created by Sharlene Humm, which is expected to be aired in 2016. Schwimmer tied the knot with the British photographer Zoe Buckman in the year June 2010 and w soon blessed with a baby girl Cleo in May 2011.