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Ben Stiller English Movie Actor
DOB: 30 Nov 1965

Ben Stiller

Billy Connolly English Movie Actor
DOB: 24 Nov 1942

Billy Connolly

Chris Rock English Movie Actor
DOB: 7 Feb 1965

Chris Rock

Dane Cook English Comedian
DOB: 18 Mar 1972

Dane Cook

Daryl Sabara English Movie Actor
DOB: 14 Jun 1992

Daryl Sabara

David Schwimmer English Movie Actor
DOB: 2 Nov 1966

David Schwimmer

Daws Butler English Dubbing
DOB: 16 Nov 1916

Daws Butler

Ed Harris English Movie Actor
DOB: 28 Nov 1950

Ed Harris

Emma Thompson English Movie Actress
DOB: 15 Apr 1959

Emma Thompson

Giancarlo Giannini English Movie Actor
DOB: 1 Aug 1942

Giancarlo Giannini

Hubertus Bengsch English Movie Actor
DOB: 10 Jul 1952

Hubertus Bengsch



John Ortiz English Movie Actor
Born: 23 May 1968

Age Now 56

John Ortiz - (Movie Actor)

Kelly Monaco English Model
Born: 23 May 1976

Age Now 48

Kelly Monaco - (Model)

Ryan Coogler English Director
Born: 23 May 1986

Age Now 38

Ryan Coogler - (Director)

Chris Gorak English Director
Born: 23 May 1969

Age Now 55

Chris Gorak - (Director)

James Gleason English Movie Actor
Born: 23 May 1882

Lived For 76 Years

James Gleason - (Movie Actor)

Anna Ador English Movie Actress
Born: 23 May 1994

Age Now 30

Anna Ador - (Movie Actress)

Tom Tykwer English Director
Born: 23 May 1965

Age Now 59

Tom Tykwer - (Director)

Jewel Kilcher English Music Composer
Born: 23 May 1974

Age Now 50

Jewel Kilcher - (Music Composer)


Dubbing Is An Interesting Work!!!

An important process at the post-production phase of film making is dubbing. Dubbing refers to the mixing, re-recording, and giving voice-overs to a film after the sound editors are done with their work. Dubbing involves a great amount of mixing where supplementary tracks may be added and voice-overs which can be of several types- it may be by the actors themselves, or by someone else due to the language mismatch or for animated films and advertisements. Dubbing Artists need to have a great voice and are selected on the basic of the character which they will dub for.

Their voice should be loud and expressive and they shall have a great sense of timing. Aware of the script, they need to emote well and shall go through the film get into the skin of the character and therefore, give them the voice that gels well with the actor’s behavioural pattern. Dubbing demands impeccable sense of time and fluency. There are various techniques for this and it generally takes place after the sound editor is done with the dialogues, music and Foley. Held at a special Dubbing Stage, the dubbing editor collaborates with sound editor to replace voices and looping.