Sean Connery English Actor

Think of “legend” and define thy word, this man has it. Any writer’s words were not enough to define him. He made his biggest contribution to fashion after he wore his immortal ashen coat and tie in his movies. His world was shadowed with poverty as a “coffin shiner” nonetheless earned his fortune in Hollywood. Such “specimen of maleness”, a physically fine-looking man and considered to be the biggest actor in the world. Born as Sir Thomas Sean Connery CBE in August 25th 1930 in Edinburgh, Scotland – United Kingdom.

For more than fifty years, he absorbed notoriety in his career. First appeared in 1954’s “Lilacs in the Spring”, made movies in 1957 “No Road Back”, as Johnny Kates in “Hell Drivers”, as Mike in “Action of the Tiger”, and starred in the movie “Time Lock.” He played Mark Trevor in 1958 movie “Another Time, Another Place”, followed in 1959 movies as Michael McBride in “Darby O'Gill and the Little People” and as O’Bannion in “Tarzan’s Greatest Adventure.” He landed as Pedlar in the 1961 movie “On the Fiddle”, on the same year as Paddy Damion in the movie “The Frightened City”, showed great-charisma in the 1961 movie “ Macbeth Click to look into! >> Read More... Macbeth

A heist movie to steal a gold from a moving train called “The Great Train Robbery” in 1978, followed by 2 movies in 1981 entitled “Outland” and “Time Bandits.” He made his 1983 film “Never Say Never Again” as James Bond in finding his targets and eliminating threats from a SPECTRE agent. This was followed by 1986 movie “Highlander” and played the role Federal Agent Eliot Ness assembled a team to stop Al Capone for rampant corruption. Appeared as an intelligent monk that investigates the deaths in darkened abbey in the 1986 movie “The Name of the Rose.” He also worked with Harrison ford as the father of prominent Indiana Jones in pursuing the Holy Grail and at the same time to stop Nazis from getting in their way with it in the movie “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.”

He made a great USSR’s best submarine captain as they violates orders, heads for USA and almost defected a war alongside Alec Baldwin Alec Baldwin is an American actor and comedian bor >> Read More... Alec Baldwin in the 1990 movie “The Hunt for Red October.” He appeared as a highly-classified-incarcerated-MI6-Army-Captain for steeling USA’s biggest secrets and denied by Canada and England, known to be the only man to escape “Alcatraz”, will aide a non-field FBI Agent Chemist () back to the well-said prison to defuse weapons of mass destruction, will make confrontation and gun fights a rebellious multi-decorated general ( Ed Harris One of the most refined and legendary actors in Ho >> Read More... Ed Harris ) leading group of rogue soldiers – “The Rock” in 1996. He made a protégé out of Catherine Zeta-Jone’s character to follow and capture an art thief in the 1999 movie “Entrapment.” He also appeared in the 2000 movie “Finding Forrester.” Long before “ The Avengers Click to look into! >> Read More... The Avengers ” hit blockbuster, he made movie called “The League of Extraordinary Gentleman” – a story of a legendary-almost-God-like-skilled marksman, an invisible man, a vampire, a navigator and swordsman to hunt down a terrorist that stolen their blood to create a weapon beyond their skills. He eventually reformed his comeback career in the 2012 movie “Sir Billi.”