Top 9 English TV Series English Article

1. “ Game Of Thrones Season 1”, “ Game Of Thrones Season 2”, “ Game Of Thrones Season 3”, “ Game Of Thrones Season 4”, “ Game Of Thrones Season 5”, “ Game Of Thrones Season 6

Game of Thrones has successfully completed 6 seasons, and the 7th season is releasing on 16 July 2017. It is inspired from a series of fascinating novelscalled “A Song of Ice and Fire”, a series of fascinating novel written by the well-known author ‘George R.R. Martin’. Games of Thrones is filmed at the famous studio ‘The Titanic Studios’ in Belfast, in various different locations in the United Kingdom, and also in locations like Spain, Iceland, Morocco, Croatia, the United States and Malta.  Power, esteem, love, despise, greed, murder, all collides in the medieval world fantasies about power among the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. The series has also attracted record viewership on HBO channel and has a vast, active, international fan following.The complex story, acting, and scope has attracted a lot of critics as well.

2. “ Breaking Bad Season 1”, “ Breaking Bad Season 2”, “ Breaking Bad Season 3”, “ Breaking Bad Season 4”, “ Breaking Bad Season 5

Breaking Bad showcases a life of a high-school chemistry teacher who learns that he's dying, so he becomes a meth producer as his new career plan in hopes to safeguard his family and so that he has enough money so that his family lives a happy life. Breaking Bad final season marks its status as one of the TV's greatest show, leading its narration to an explosive conclusion with amusing direction and a good screenplay. Though at an artist point of view it may not be able to meet the expectations but it surely managed to entertain the audience as well as the critics. 

3. " The Sopranos Season 1", " The Sopranos Season 2", " The Sopranos Season 3", " The Sopranos Season 4", " The Sopranos Season 5", " The Sopranos Season 6"

The sopranos starring Tony Soprano as the main character who seeks help from his psychiatrist Jennifer Melfi to get his life back on track, to untangle his family life from his crime world, in the hope to lead a good life. For all those who love crime and action, Sopranos is the right one for you. When we talk about the introduction of a character that’s where you find grace, instantly crystallizing introductions. Due to less number of happy and loving moments, the show gathered itself a good bundle of critics.

4. ' Friends'

Will there be anyone who doesn’t want friends”. The show deals with six grown up reckless adults leading their lives in Manhattan. The thrust for adventures makes one do wonders and at times makes your life adventurous as well as problematic. In spite of all this, every episode guarantees a good laugh. The characters of the show are Rachel, the sweet yet spoiled girl, Monica, as the motherly figure, Phoebe, the hippy of the gang, Joey, always being dopey yet cool Italian, Chandler, the sarcastic man and Ross, the neurotic victim come together to help each other to deal with their problems in the big city of Manhattan.

5. “ Narcos Season 1”, “ Narcos Season 2

Narcos is one of the Netflix exclusive American crime series, which basically shows the truth behind the fiction world. Truth can be bitter at times due to lack of sympathy in it, but that didn’t stop Narcos from attracting a good amount of people. It shows a good rise and a great fall of the drug lord.

6. The Simpsons

Simpsons were originally created by the cartoonist ‘Matt Groening’ and has been entertaining the audience for more than 20 years and counting, Homer, the food lover, Marge, the perfectionist wife, Bart, the bro dude, Lisa, the smarty pants and Maggie, the little bee, are the main characters. Simpsons have always been a favorite cartoon series for everyone as a kid and adults as well. It’s best when one wants to sit and watch to experience nostalgia.

7. “ The Walking Dead Season 1”, “ The Walking Dead Season 2”, “ The Walking Dead Season 3”, “ The Walking Dead Season 4”, “ The Walking Dead Season 5”, “ The Walking Dead Season 6

The Walking Dead is a drama series starring Rick Grimes as the police officer. Finally, the moment a lot of people have been waiting for has happened, we are talking about the Zombie Apocalypse here; well it’s time to fight zombies. Officer Grimes leads a group of survivors to find a better and safe place to live, fighting the dead on their way.

8. Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live has successfully completed its 40th season on the America’s late night live television. Darrell Hammond as the latest narrator brings comedy and life to this show. Saturday Night Live is created by Lorne Michaels with the developer Dick Ebersol. The show first aired on NBC on 11th October 1975,a s ‘NBC's Saturday Night’ under the ‘original title’. With the world of glam by its side, the show has hosted many Hollywood celebrities and has entertained people since 1975.

9. Stranger Things

‘Duffer Brother’s, Strangers things is an American sci-fi horror web series. The show starts with the disappearing of a little boy who is claimed to be taken by the dark forces. Strange things happen and a boy gets abducted. Now it’s up to his mom, friends and the police chief to fight the forces to get him back.