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Christopher Nolanwears mutliple hats. He is one of the most critically acclaimed and highest grossing director of Hollywood. He was born in Westminster, London in the year 1970. His father, Brendon Nolan was an advertising executive and his mother, Christina Nolan was a flight attendant. He had passion for film making since childhood. Christopher was a big fan of “ Star Wars Star Wars is a show of Mastiii, India’s most popul >> Read More... ”, so he created his own film, “Space Wars” shooting his action figures with the help of his father’s Super 8 Camera when he was 7 years old. Since, Christopher Nolan’s father was a British and mother was an American, he travelled a lot from London to Chicago and he has a dual citizenship of England and America. He did his schooling from Hailey bury and Imperial Service College, and an independent school in Hertford Heath, Hertfordshire.

He completed his graduation from University College London. He preferred this college due to its film making facilities which comprised  editing suite and 16 mm film cameras. He shot two short films in the college, Tarantella and Larceny with the university’s equipment. Both the movies were funded by Christopher. However, Larceny was shown at Cambridge Film Festival and considered to be one of the best short films shown by UCL. In the college, he met Emma Thomson whom he later on married. Emma Thomson produced the movies of Nolan and now both run the production company, Syncopy Inc. in Los Angeles. In 1998, Nolan directed a movie, “Following”, funded by him and his friends with a total budget of £6,000. The movie grossed a sum of £48.4 thousand at the box office. However, the movie was critically acclaimed and won several awards at many film festivals.

The next movie directed by Nolan was “Momento”, for which the budget provided was $ 9 million. The movie was a commercial success at the box office which garnered $ 39.7 million. His next movie was a psychological thriller which also proved to be the best movie of 2000s was “Insomnia”. In 2003, Christopher Nolan wrote script for a Batman movie which Warner Bros. agreed to finance. It starred Christian Bale He’s known to be one of the most talented and most >> Read More... , Michael Cane, Gary Oldman One of the most respected actors in Hollywood. Kno >> Read More... and the movie was based on a dark theme. The movie was a commercial hit at the box office which became ninth highest grossing film worldwide.

Before directing another Batman movie, he directed movie, “ The Prestige Click to look into! >> Read More... ”, which was written by his younger brother. Then he continued with another Batman movie, Dark Knight which was a super hit movie. The next movie, “ Inception Click to look into! >> Read More... ” received many awards and appreciation. After that he did another Batman movie, “ The Dark Knight Rises Click to look into! >> Read More... ” which is counted among highest -grossing movies of all times. His films have been appreciated a lot and he is credited to change the cinema and redefine it with his movies.


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