English Cinematographer ( 0 - 12 )

Alton Brown


Cinematographer Are Also Called As Director Of Photography

Cinematographer or DoPs are the Head of Department in film productions. They have a creative role in film production. With their creative ideas, they provide extraordinary visual look or identity to the film. Cinematographers use a variety of source material, which includes paintings, still photographs, other films and so on. The cinematographer works with the camera crew and creates the desired look by using camera movement, framing and lighting. DoPs works with the gaffer who runs the lighting team, costume designer, hair and makeup department and production designer.

Cinematographer reads the screenplay and then meets the director to discuss the visual look of the film. They undergo research and preparation with the technical also. Cinematographer prepares all the list of required camera equipment, accessories, cranes, cameras, lights, and film stock for the production. DoPs test the special lenses, filters, and film stocks so that it fits the director’s vision for the film. While shooting days the DoPs and their camera crew come earlier on set to prepare and set the equipment. Till the time actors finish their makeup and costume the DoPs look over the lighting of the set for the first take. During post production, the DoPs attend the digital grading of the film, which involves intensive work for three weeks.