English Executive Producer ( 0 - 12 )

Deepak Nayar

Prakash Amritraj

Simon Kinberg

Antoine Fuqua


Let's Talk Money. Let's Make Money.

An important part of the production team, the Executive Producer or EP is responsible for all the money matters, and sometimes, even the legal issues that revolve around a film. Hardly involved with any of the creative aspects of a movie or a television show, the executive producer may or may not work from the sets. They have excellent managerial and communication skills. They are the ones who take charge of the overall quality, execution and eventually, the success of the movie or any entertainment show.

Their main job is to choose the marketable products and control all the processes so that the show runs in the market and makes good money. They have great networking skills, and know their priorities well so that the film follows a particular workflow and hence achieve success in the market, and also. Following the sequence of processes ensures an organized way of work and smooth execution. Although they liaise with the line producers and report to the distributors, the executive producers often work independently and have the ability to multi-task. They have the knowledge of all the applicable legislations as well.