Birthday: 25-05-1944
Age: 75
Star sign: Gemini

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Frank Miller English Actor

Frank Miller

Frank Miller, born on 27th January, 1957, in Olney, Maryland, is a renowned comic writer, director, and artist of the Hollywood industry. He grew up in Vermont. His mother was a nurse and father was a carpenter and electrician by profession. He had six other siblings. His family followed Catholic. Miller wrote a letter to Marvel Comics, which was published in the Cat #3, released in 1973, and in this way became renowned as a comic writer. His first work imprinted with the recommendation of ‘Neal Adams’, a comic artist.He wrote his story of three-pages, which he wrote in ‘The Twilight Zone’, a famous book. He also wrote a five-page story in ‘Endless Cloud’. His first credit in writing was due to the six-page story in Deliver Me from D-day. Director ‘Vinnie Colletta’ recognized his talent and hard work and offered him a one-page story of war and comic. His first work in Marvel Comics was writing ‘The Master Assassin of Mars’, which is a story of 17 pages. In 2008, Miller became the new regular writer on Daredevil. Miller is best known for his comic books and graphical art in ‘Ronin’, ‘Daredevil: Born Again’, ‘The Dark Knight Returns’, ‘Wolverine’, and ‘Sin City’. He directed ‘The Spirt’ and was the assistant director of ‘Sin City’. He co-produced ‘300’, a famous war movie. His famous comic characters include Elektra for Daredevil, and Carrie Kelly for DC films. The art in his movies was authentic and uncommon and so was responsible for gaining popularity rapidly. He made many Cameo Appearances in movies like ‘RoboCop 2’, The Spirit, Daredevil, Sin City, and ‘Jugular Wine’. Miller married ‘Lynn Varley’, who helped him in many works ranging from The Ronin. to 300. They, however, got a divorce in 2005. Since then, he had a romantic affair with scholar ‘Kimberly Cox’, who had an appearance in The Spirit. He received many awards some of which include Eisner Awards, Kirby Awards, Harvey Awards, Scream Awards, and an award in Cannes Film Festival.


Karen Disher

Karen Disher is an American storyboard writer and film director. She has played in numerous voices over roles in cartoons, movies, TV and in video games. She is an expert at the Blue Sky Studios, an in-house workshop at the 20th Century Fox Animation. Disher finished her education from the Tisch School of the Arts. After graduation day, she tied up with MTV, where she created the main roles and was the supervising filmmaker on an animated television set Daria. Meanwhile, she directed two TV characteristic-length parts in the series, "Is It Fall Yet?" in the year 2000 follow-up the series Is It College Yet? in the year 2002. Both the telemovies, "Is It College Yet?" And "Is It Fall Yet?" recorded, respectively, the vacation hiatus within the school years of divisions, four and five, and the ending of school for the roles. The second also worked as the show's finale. "Is It College Yet?" was presented instead of an abbreviated, six-episode sixth term requested by MTV. Series producer Glenn Eichler had planned to finish the show with the fifth season end, Boxing Daria, thinking that there was no more novel to tell. Eichler allowed recording Is It College Yet? In order to contain a true group finale for Daria She then followed Blue Sky Studios, where she earned as a story artist on numerous animated movies, including Horton Hears a Who! The movie was computer-animated fiction adventure drama film meant on the story of the same title by Dr Seuss. Produced by the Blue Sky Studios, the movie was directed by Jimmy Hayward, Steve Martino and penned by Ken Daurio and Cinco Paul. It highlights the voices of Steve Carell and Jim Carrey. Her other movies include Robots, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Ice Age: The Meltdown directed by Carlos Saldanha and co-led by Mike Thurmeier, at his directorial appearance, and it stars the sounds of John Leguizamo, Queen Latifah, Denis Leary, and Ray Romano. She was also the leader of the novel on Rio and directed a short animated movie Surviving Sid and a television unique Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas, both sections of the Ice Age franchise. In extension to storyboarding and directing, she gave her voice to some secondary characters in the movies she worked on, most prominently to Scratte in the Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. In 2001, Disher married to Robert Todd Partington, then a superintendent of computer visuals and animation technologies for MTV Networks. His other movies and television shows include Ice Age: Continental Drift, Beavis, and Butt-head, Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas, The Peanuts Movie, Daria's Inferno and Epic.

Karen Disher English Actress