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Stephen Arthur Frears took birth in Leicester, England. He was born on June 20th, 1941. He is a British film director and has been directing from the 1980s. His notable work consists of My Beautiful Laundrette and The Queen.

Early Life

Stephen started school at Gresham’s School in 1954. He dropped from Gresham in 1959 and joined the Trinity College, Cambridge in 1960 to study law. He graduated from Trinity College in the year 1963. His father was an accountant and mother a social worker. Stephen was brought up in the English culture, but his mother was Jewish. After graduating, Stephen worked as an assistant director initially, but with time, he became one of the biggest directors in the industry.


Stephen began his journey as a director by assisting for films like Morgan! and If…. As a beginner, Stephen mostly worked for television. He directed many television shows which were mainly for the BBC. Alongside this, he has also directed many commercial sectors. He has contributed to much high profile series on the BCC channel. He became international with his feature films. Stephen made his debut in 1971 when he directed the detective spoof Gumshoe. He became popularly known worldwide for My Beautiful Laundrette. It was not expected to do much but was widely noticed. He next directed Prick Up Your Ears. His next hit was the Dangerous Liaisons Click to look into! >> Read More... Dangerous Liaisons which released in 1988. Stephen stepped up something new every time he took the stage. Another one of his notable work was in 2000 when he directed High Fidelity. In 2006, the audiences were brought to their feet by the release of The Queen. Stephen has directed many films for which he has also been rewarded. Best Foreign Film at Cesar Awards for Dangerous Liaisons. Best Director for The Hi-Lo Country. His films have also been part of nominations at various award shows. Best European Film for The Queen. He was presented for his career on television. Also, he won the BAFTA TV Awards twice in 1982 and 2003 respectively. Stephen soon became a veteran in the industry. He endorsed for the parliamentary vacancy in the 2015 elections. Stephen has four children from two of his relationships. He currently lives with Anne Rothenstein after failing in his first with Mary-Kay Wilmers. Stephen is still active in the industry as he promises to continue doing good films.

Upcoming Projects

In 2015, Stephen directed The Program Click to look into! >> Read More... The Program , which did not make a lot of headlines, but he has another release this year, Florence Foster Jenkins Click to look into! >> Read More... Florence Foster Jenkins , which stars and . It is set to release this May.