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Feryna Wazheir English Movie Actress
Born: 25 July 1986

Age Now 38

Feryna Wazheir - (Movie Actress)

Darren Star English Producer
Born: 25 July 1961

Age Now 63

Darren Star - (Producer)

Janet Margolin English Movie Actress
Born: 25 July 1943

Lived For 49 Years

Janet Margolin - (Movie Actress)

Brad Renfro English Movie Actor
Born: 25 July 1982

Lived For 25 Years

Brad Renfro - (Movie Actor)

Angie Virgin English Movie Actress
Born: 25 July 1983

Age Now 41

Angie Virgin - (Movie Actress)

Illeana Douglas English Movie Actress
Born: 25 July 1965

Age Now 59

Illeana Douglas - (Movie Actress)

Aaron Craven English Director
Born: 25 July 1974

Age Now 50

Aaron Craven - (Director)

Mason Cook English Actor
Born: 25 July 2000

Age Now 24

Mason Cook - (Actor)


The Creator Of A Textual Movie

The primary job of a screenplay writer is to compose the screenplay, very similar to the script. Screenplays are the written work for a film or television show that a screenplay writer writes. The person needs to be narrative and descriptive. The screenplay is drawn from the script- script is the raw story with all the dialogues. A lot of additional specifications regarding the set, light, audio, visual, camera, etc. are added to the script to build the screenplay. The understanding of the plot shall be crystal-clear and the characters in the film shall be identified and the behavioral pattern of each of them shall be known. The inside-out picture of the characters shall be clear in the mind as well as on the paper.

The job of the screenplay writer is to present all their creative and imaginative skills well. Each aspect, from individual characters to the visual impact and the sound production, of the film, shall be distinctively identified. They shall understand the type and taste of the audience and target them accordingly. They need to be well organized and shall leave no page unturned. Also, they have to be ambitious and dedicated enough to follow deadlines and be flexible enough to alter it if the film demands so without affecting the quality of the product.