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English Story Writer ( 0 - 12 )

Ted Caplan

Stan Lee

Max La Bella

Ari Aster

Hector Echavarria

Andrew Niccol

Andrew Stanton


Story Writer

A Story Writer is the one who writes the base content of any movie. A person with a creative mind will make a good story writer. Story writers do not write just for movies but also for short films, cartoons or even for kid's books. With regards to media, a story writer is said to be the one who sets the pace and genre of the story.

Be it a thriller, rom-com or emotional movie, it is all in the hands of the story writer. The success of a movie depends upon the storyline to a larger extent. A story writer has to keep in mind the key considerations such as target audience, current scenario and from thereon formulate a story in such a way that it is not repetitive or too draggy.

A good story writer creates an interesting story in such a manner that it reaches out to the world at large.