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He’s known to be one of the most talented and most respected actors. He is also commended for choosing complex and difficult characters in his movies for that he was considered versatile. He is one of the most extreme forces that makes Hollywood famous and a master of passion and perfection. The gorgeous heartthrob Christian Charles Philip Bale born on January 30th 1974 in Pembrokeshire, Wales –United Kingdom. He first appeared in the 1986 movie “Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna” as Alexei in 1986. He also starred in the 1987 movie “Mio in the Land of Faraway” a story of a lonely boy that was transferred from his poor life to the land where his real father is the king.

He also starred in the movie “Empire of the Sun” in 1987 as Jim Graham, followed by “Henry V” in 1989 with Kenneth Brannagh. He also landed a major role in the 1992 movie “Newsies”, and made a story of young kids in Germany who sings and dance with the banned music from U.S. in the movie “Swing Kids” in 1993. He also starred in the movie “Royal Deceit” and “ Little Women Click to look into! >> Read More... Little Women ” that were both released in 1994. He also made great voice talent alongside Mel Gibson Mel Gibson is an American multitalented filmmaker >> Read More... Mel Gibson and Linda Hunt for the animated blockbuster movie called “Pocahontas” in 1996. In the same year, he also landed a part in the movie “The Portrait of a Lady”, right-away followed by the movie “Metroland” in 1997, and gave appealing acts in the 1998 movies entitled “Velvet Goldmine” and “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” As he made his name printed in Hollywood producer’s mind he made numerous movies not until 2000, he made a delicate portrayal of a wealthy New York Click to look into! >> Read More... New York bank executive psychopathic killer in the movie “American Psycho.”

He made also to become the co-star in Samuel L. Jackson’s “ Shaft Click to look into! >> Read More... Shaft ” in 2000. He also went for high-profile movie with , alongside Penelope Cruz One of the sexiest actresses of all time and sensa >> Read More... Penelope Cruz in the movie “Captain Correlli’s Mandolin” in 2001. He made a very appealing act with the fire-breathing dragons that reigned Earth in the 2002 movie “Reign of Fire.” He also starred in the movie “Laurel Canyon” and “Equilibrium” with Sean Bean This guy made it all! From decapitation, to behead >> Read More... Sean Bean in 2002. He made a tough-minded film in a story of 2 friends and correlated with violence to them in the movie “Harsh Times” in 2005 with Eva Longoria Eva Longoria, an American actress, producer, direc >> Read More... Eva Longoria . He also appeared as an industrial worker who had insomnia for one year and begins to have doubts with his insanity in the 2004 movie “The Machinist.” He made voice talent again in the “Howl’s Moving Castle” in 2004, followed by the movie “New World” in 2005.

He predefined the vigilante image of Bruce Wayne in the movie “Batman Begins” alongside Liam Neeson I don't know who you are. I don't know wha >> Read More... Liam Neeson , and ken Watanabe. He made a reprising act as a US Fighter Pilot in a struggle for his survival in the mission over Laos in the movie “Rescue Dawn” in 2006. Played the role of one of the 2 magicians that made competition in an attempt to create ultimate illusion in the movie “ The Prestige Click to look into! >> Read More... The Prestige ” in 2006. This was then followed alongside and in the movie “3:10 to Yuma.” He also appeared in a major act in the movie “I’m Not Here”, the second installment of his prestige “The Dark Knight” in 2008, played characters with in the movie “ Public Enemies Click to look into! >> Read More... Public Enemies ” in 2009, acted in the movie “Terminator: Salvation” in 2009 and gained more popularity in 2010’s “ The Fighter Click to look into! >> Read More... The Fighter .” He also made great appearance in the movie “ The Dark Knight Rises Click to look into! >> Read More... The Dark Knight Rises ” alongside , followed by “ American Hustle Click to look into! >> Read More... American Hustle ” and “Out of Furnace”, and last his acclaimed biblical story of Moises – “Exodus: Gods and Kings.”