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Powerful Lines from the Movie Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Author: Payal Trisha
Powerful Lines from the Movie Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice English Article

Sometimes we have to risk ourselves in order to achieve greater goals. Sometimes those are the only ones which will be noticed by the world.

Men are brave. Battling everyday life, looking for answers, raising their voice and maintaining order, they need some amount of bravery or else life becomes pointless.

A contentious sentence.
Atheists might agree while the religious might take offense.In a completely different context though, one might talk about the creamy layer of the society who misuse certain privileges.

Sometimes we are tired of trying and not being appreciated. 
In order to gain appreciation, we take the wrong way and don’t mind hurting anyone to achieve the desired results.

It’s relatable when it comes to our parents or someone who has been around us for several years.
It is a known fact that our parents can sense out our truths from the lies. Sometimes though they let it slides.


A stitch in time will always save at least nine.
Similarly, one dies to save many.

The best example is being the idea of same sex marriages. 
Most of us cannot reason with it, so we take the easier way out. 


Eventually, all of us are ‘ Human Human is a web series released on 14 January 2022 >> Read More... Human ’ deep inside.
It’s a cycle. We get hurt,  we forgive, we ask for forgiveness. We create disasters and yet disasters bring us together.

Know what is good and what makes sense to you. 
It might make sense to you alone.
You’ll be just fine.

Follow your inner voices, for they know you more than anyone else ever will.
Don’t strive to give it back, aim towards addition.